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Welcome to our web site on car insurance and motor insurance and general information about car insurance. We have collected a few articles about motor insurance companies and also how to go about obtaining cheap motor insurance. If you want to review some of the companies that provide cheap motor insurance, you can click on the article index below to review some of the cheap motor insurance companies that provide car insurance in the UK.


We have compiled insurance companies that provide motor insurance quotes online, companies that provide cheap motor insurance in the UK, companies that provide classic motor insurance in the UK, motor bike insurance or motorcycle insurance in the UK and also motor home insurance for the travellers. Visit our directory of insurance articles for more information or our site map which will list all of the articles on this web site.

Classic Motor insurance

Insurance companies provide insurance for classic cars and vintage cars. You will probably need to have your car appraised to establish the value of your vehicle. This is a good idea anyway, since you do not want to have a dispute over the value of the car when you are trying to negotiate a claim.

Motor bike insurance

Motor bike insurance companies provide insurance cover for motor bikes, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds and other vehicles as well. Take advantage of discounts to help obtain the cheapest insurance policy that you can find.

Motor Home insurance

Motor Home insurance companies provide insurance for caravans, motor homes, static motor homes, and much more. If you are thinking of renting or buying a motor home, remember to ask for a quote from one of the companies we have added to our directory of motor home insurance companies.

Some Tips for Finding Insurance

Many companies have discounts that they offer for applying online, moving from one company to another, for having a no claims status etc. make sure you investigate all of these opportunities. Ask for cheap motor insurance quotes from several companies to compare quotes and select the company with the best overall insurance package at the lowest cost for you. Some of these motor insurance companies also have tips and pointers for safe driving and ways to obtain discounts.

There are three main types of car insurance coverage that users and drivers will consider when purchasing motorcar insurance. Third party insurance provides coverage for liability to third parties and the legal costs associated with any claim that may result from an accident or some other mishap. Third party fire and theft insurance coverage adds damage or loss to the insured’s vehicle. Theft of your vehicle, damage during an attempted theft or a fire which damages your vehicle is covered. Comprehensive cover is the final insurance type. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage’s for many more situations such as medical cover, replacement, personal accident etc.

Finally, there are many considerations that are taken into account by an insurance company before they decide to offer insurance cover to you and at what rate they will offer the insurance. Type of car, age, average repair costs, were you will drive it, pleasure or business, past claims, past Road Traffic Infractions, Drunk Driving Convictions are some of the factors considered by the Insurance Company.

You will also want to assess the service and responsiveness of the Insurance Company in an emergency situation, should you have an accident. Review our index of articles on this web site for subjects that apply to you.



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