Specialized Vehicle Insurance

Specialized vehicles come in all sizes and makes and may need specialized vehicle insurance and if you do not already suspect that you have a special vehicle, the moment you try to find insurance cover could be an indicator for you. Most insurance companies have standard insurance packages for standard cars that most people drive under average conditions. The statistics are well understood and therefore the expectations of claims and payouts are also well understood when you apply for insurance.

When you have some sort of specialized vehicle, suddenly you will find that the insurance companies do not have standard rates, and if they quote you at all for your specialized vehicle car insurance, you find that the prices can be very high. This is generally because they have little information from which to work and therefore rates are raised to ensure that they are protected should you have a claim.


There are a number of companies who will specialize in provided insurance cover for all types of vehicles, so it can be a big benefit to you for you to shop around to find these companies. You should note that all of the usual issues apply e.g. driving record, driving habits, primary use of the vehicle and so on. There are a number of major differences that you need to take into account.

Specialized car insurance companies may want to have your car appraised. This can be actually a good thing since it clarifies the value of the car prior to being insured and documents any modifications or changes you may have made to the car. It it is a one of a kind car, then you will have a 3 rd party unbiased record, written as well as pictorial of your vehicle. Ensure that both you and your insurance company have a copy and that is is fully accepted by your insurance company. This can be quite important especially if you car is either stolen or not recovered or it is destroyed in a major accident. In either case without a documented record it may be difficult to substantiate the cars value without these kinds of records and you may not have your full claim covered.

Another issue many drivers of specialized cars some times miss, is that in order for their insurance to be valid, the car must be stored in proper facilities, particularly high value cars and cars that are said to be theft prone. You will have peace of mind if you know that your valuable car is properly stored when not in use and also that you received a discount as well. In some areas the insurance company may demand that your car be stored inside at all times.



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