Modified Car Insurance

While many of the main stream car insurance companies will not provide car insurance cover for your modified car, there are a number of companies who have modified car insurance products designed specifically to provide cover for cars that have been modified by their owners. They have specialists who can discuss your modifications with you and provide appropriate insurance cover proposals so that you are confident that you are covered for fire and theft, liability and full comprehensive car insurance at competitive rates.


Depending on the extent of the modifications you may need to have a full appraisal completed. Some car owners may have changed the engine and transmission, while other car owners have effectively rebuilt the car from the frame up. Body kits, suspension, and brakes, to name a few of the areas that many people will change. Without a full appraisal and record of these modifications it can be difficult for any insurance company to process a claim on your car. The appraisal is a record of the changes and you can substantiate the value of the car when it is first insured and avoid any disagreement should there be a claim later on.

In many cases modified car drivers have put a lot pf personal time and money into their car in back yards and garages. This is in many cases a labour of love as far as the car owner is concern and they are more likely to take very good care of their modified cars since they have put so much work into it. Their cars will be well maintained and kept in closed garages usually and generally not driven in rallies or even to work every day. These drivers are seen to be an excellent risk from the car insurance companies point of view and they will offer competitive rates as a result.

Drivers of modified cars may also be eligible for discounts if they are members of a recognized club with a good driving record, there are limited numbers of drivers, the car is stored inside in safe conditions, if they do not drive their cars to work and if there are no claims in the last 4 or 5 years. You should be able to obtain quite good competitive quotes if you compare several quotes from a number of insurance companies. It is important to make sure that they are working with the same information as discuss above and that the deductibles are also the same for each quote.

Finally deal with an agent that is experienced with modified cars who can help you find the best insurance available for modified cars in the UK.



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