High Risk Car Insurance

If you are considered a high-risk car insurance customer, this usually means that you have been classed as someone that the insurance companies feel is high risk and will have an accident or insurance claim in the near future. They will base this on your past driving record, the demographic you fit into and also maybe even your credit history. More on this later.

Consumers fall into the high-risk category usually because of a combination of factors. If you have had several accidents which resulted in claims on your insurance policy, or if you have been charged for several reportable traffic violations such as speeding or have been charged with a DUI offence you probably will be considered a high risk car insurance customer. Since you have unfortunately had these events in your life, the insurance companies will consider you are high risk and your insurance policy premiums will reflect this risk.


Customers that fall into a demographic that has a history and reputation for more claims than the rest of the population, also fall into the high-risk car insurance category. Young males unfortunately usually fall into this category.

Insurance companies also will establish whether you can pay the monthly premiums. If your credit is not up to par and you have had difficulty in making your monthly payments in the past, you may also be considered a high-risk car insurance customer.

So initially you may have to pay higher fees than other car insurance customers may have to pay. Our car insurance partners listed in our directory can help you with finding competitive high-risk car insurance. This is especially important since high-risk car insurance premiums are usually higher priced than normal car insurance premiums.

Customers can improve their insurance rating over time. In summary, customers who pay all of their bills on time will improve their credit rating, driving safely and avoiding any kind of traffic convictions will also enable the driver to begin to be considered for normal car insurance premiums. Many insurance companies will consider customers as being no longer high risk after a period of five years.

So if you fall into the high-risk car insurance category, you can start by comparing insurance quotes and selecting one of the cheapest rates. In addition you can begin the long-term process of improving your credit rating and driving record to re-establish your insurance rating and low rates for car insurance.


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