Discount Car Insurance

There are a variety of car insurance companies that provide a variety of discount car insurance options that are available throughout the states. Not all discounts will be available in every state due to local laws or demand. You can save a lot just by asking and identifying that you qualify for some of these discounts at your insurance agents office.

In general if you have a good driving record, are a mature driver, belong to the military, have multiple cars in your family you may qualify for a discount off your insurance estimate. These discounts are not additive so you will need to discuss which ones apply and how much of a discount you will be eligible for with your agent.


In some cases if you are accident and claim free for up to five years, you may qualify for as much as a 25% discount on most coverages. Multi-car discounts are also available as are surcharge waivers with some companies. Surcharge waivers mean that if you are accident free for 5 years and have an accident while insured with one of our partners you might avoid your rates increasing due to the accident.

Clients with young drivers will definitely benefit if they have completed a driver education course successfully and should earn a discount for these drivers. Cars with anti theft systems and alarms may also qualify for a discount on the comprehensive insurance portion of your car insurance.

Customers who have taken a mature driving course, purchase cars with driver side bag airbags and use seat belts all of the time may also qualify for discounts. Members of the Military, national guard or reserves may also qualify for discounts. Clients who belong to special groups recognized by our partners may also qualify for a discount.

With all of these discounts, you would almost think that your insurance would cost next to nothing. While this is a nice thought, the insurance companies do have to make some money in order to pay for the claims that eventually arise. Your best approach is to go to our partner web sites, review the discounts they offer and which ones you may qualify for and then fill in an online quote request. If you feel you are not receiving all of the discounts you should then speak to one of their online attendants. There are many discount car insurance options, so take the time to make sure you receive the ones you are eligible for .



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