Kit Car Insurance

There are many different types of kits that can be purchased and built on car frames and many of the insurer’s who provide insurance cover for kit cars have standard kit car insurance packages. They also will develop specialized insurance cover quotes if your kit car is different than the normal ones or has been modified in some way that would affect the insurance cover needs.

Kit cars are an enthusiast’s hobby and many of them put many hours into building and finishing their kit cars. One area that many kit car builders do not take into account is insurance cover while the vehicle is being built. Sometimes building a kit car can be done quickly within a few months with dedicated effort and lots of time. Others take much longer, some taking as long as a year. All of this time your kit car is sitting in your garage and while not assembled or driveable it still has significant value to you as well as the funds you have invested to purchase the car kit.


This is the time to begin thinking about obtaining insurance cover for your kit car. You may only need to have fire coverage and it may be added to your current cover that you have, still it is important to ensure that you are covered in the event of a loss.

Once your kit car is driveable and you have obtained road safety approval for your kit car, you will need to ensure that you have also added insurance over for fire and theft and liability as well as fully comprehensive insurance cover. All of the usual things come into play when you need insurance cover for your kit car in addition to the special coverage you need because it is a kit car.

Your driving record, convictions if any, were and when you will drive your car, to work or only for pleasure, were it is kept. If you can store it in a locked garage, then you should be eligible for discounts in addition to your good driving record.

A significant issue that everyone should consider is obtaining an appraisal for your kit car. A professional appraisal complete with pictures and documentation will ensure that nor only do you obtain the proper level of insurance, you will ensure that if you have a claim, your insurance company will be able to rely on a professional assessment of the value of your car.

Finally, when you deal with an agent that is familiar with kit cars, he or she should be able to find you a competitive deal from insurance companies that will understand the needs of kit car enthusiasts and provide competitive quotes.



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