Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance! All cars are required to be insured, if they are going to be driven on the road. Most cars with even some value need to be insured for at least fire and theft although some people do not even bother with this level of cover if they are being stored. If a fire should occur or if the vehicle is stolen out of the storage location, then they have lost their vehicle and any value it may have represented.

Most people also want to drive their classic cars even if it is only on sunny cloudless days and you should have classic car insurance coverage for liability as well as comprehensive and coverage on your for you own vehicle should it be damaged in an accident of some kind.


Many classic car owners have difficulty in finding classic car insurance cover for their classic cars. Either the insurance company wants to value the car so low that is not worth insuring using standard depreciation tables or you cannot find reasonable cover at a reasonable price. You will also need to establish a value for your classic car. No insurance company will take your opinion unfortunately even though you may know more about your classic car than even the experts. What they will need is a 3 rd party unbiased opinion of the value of your vehicle. Sometimes they may even ask for a second opinion if there is some doubt as to the value of the classic car.

Once you have an agreed to value for the classic car that you own, you should be able to receive a quote for classic car insurance cover for your car. Additional factors such as how often you will drive your classic car, whether it will be driven to work or just taken out on those beautiful sunny days for a short drive will also determine your insurance cost. Also storage can be a factor. If your vehicle is stored inside in a locked garage, you should make your insurance agent aware of this as well. If you attend car shows and drive your classic car to these shows, you will want to be sure you are covered for these events as well.

Finally, you’re past driving habits, past accidents, traffic infractions and past claims history will also be taken into account.

We have posted links that can connect you with classic car insurers or specialists that understand the different needs for classic car drivers and can provide you with a competitive quote for your insurance needs. Fill in one of the applications and a classic car insurance agent will be in touch with you to discuss your needs in detail.


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