Motorcycle Insurance

All motorcycle riders must have motorcycle insurance regardless of whether you are driving a moped, a scooter, a trail bike, a mass-produced regulation motorcycle or s a customized motorcycle by one of the specialist builders of motorcycles.

The basics are the same. You should consider purchasing fire and theft, liability motorcycle insurance and comprehensive. However, the similarities end there, since motorcycles and scooters etc. are much different than cars. Motorcycle insurance cover usually is more expensive due to the inherent characteristics of the motorcycle industry. There are usually more thefts as well as more accidents with motorcycle riders and therefore the premiums are usually higher than one would expect for motorcycle insurance.


Consumers can protect themselves by working with a motorcycle insurance agent who can assist you in finding all of the available discounts and cover that is available for motorcycle insurance. Riders who have a no claims status can usually receive a discount for having not made any claims. Riders also qualify cheaper motorcycle insurance if they do not have any driving convictions as well. If you drive your motorcycle for pleasure only, you may also qualify for a further discount, since you will be exposed to fewer traffic situations that may involve and accident.

Finally storage is important. Motorcycles left on the street, especially at night are exposed to a greater probability of theft, while motorcycles stored in locked premises at night have less chance of theft. It is important to identify where your motorcycle is stored, especially if you lock it at night in a closed garage to be eligible for further discounts on motorcycle insurance.

If you have an agent, ask him or her to obtain several quotes for you to ensure that you obtain the best and the cheapest motorcycle cover available. You will need to ensure that they work with the same information when they are requesting quotes from different motorcycle insurance companies so that you can compare them easily. If the deductible or the amount of liability is different then the insurance cover rates will be different as well and you may reject the wrong offer as a result.

The amount of the deductible or access on motorcycle insurance as it is sometimes called is also important. This is the amount of damages that you will pay before the insurance company will begin paying on a claim. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium will be and the more affordable your motorcycle insurance cover will be.

In summary, ask for several quotes for motorcycle insurance, make sure you identify all of the discounts you may be eligible for and review all of the quotes to ensure that they are quoting based on the same parameters.



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