Off Road Vehicles Insurance

Many 4X4 vehicles never experience the punishment that an off road track can present and do not really need off road vehicles insurance. Owners have them for prestige and the occasional situation when having a 4x4 is needed for that extra traction and convenience. If you are an off road enthusiast, you are then familiar with the punishment and the conditions that off road competitions can present. Even if you are just out for the day’s enjoyment there are many obstacles and dangerous situation that can cause an accident. If you are concerned about finding reasonable insurance cover then it will usually be to your benefit to shop around and assess what levels of cover you can obtain from insurance companies that specialize in off road insurance packages.


Specialists will take into account the type of vehicle you plan to use for off road competitions as well as pleasure, the age of the vehicle, previous claims you may have had both for off road situations as well as for normal every day situations. Expensive vehicles capable for going off road into situations that inherently have more risk will usually mean higher rates, while older vehicles with less cover should see lower rates.

Some insurance companies may offer discounts based on a number of factors. These can include but not limited to whether you use your vehicle to drive to work every day, how many Km’s you drive to work, were it is kept at night, if it is left on the street or locked in a garage. Also for off road situations they may take into account whether you are involved in rallies or just occasional off road situations such as getting to a campsite etc. other factors such as no claims may make you eligible for a no claims discount and if you use a security device for your vehicle to protect it while it is parked and not being used.

If your existing insurance company does not provide insurance cover for off road vehicles or even if they do provide cover, you may still want to spend a few minutes shopping over the internet to see what kind of bargains are available. It is convenient and easy to do so. Some sites will have an online car insurance application form for you to fill in, while others will post a free phone number for you to call. It only takes a few minutes to fill in the form or to call and you may save a significant amount as we result. Either way you will want to discuss the details of your off road vehicle insurance cover needs with an agent so that you are sure to get the best discounted cover.



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