Womens Car Insurance

Women drivers seem to have a better driving record than most men. Whether it is because they are more cautious, less aggressive drivers or are better trained drivers, the statistics seem to indicate that women drivers of all ages are better drivers and have less claims than their male counterparts.

Female drivers, whether you have been driving for a while or are a first time driver should shop around to find the cheapest drivers insurance available. You will find that not all companies offer discounts to female drivers, so you may have to shop at a few companies before you find the best rates, however it can be definitely worth the effort, due to the money that you can save.


You can also take all of the usual steps to ensure that your rates are kept low. Obviously if you have a claims free driving records, you will be able to get competitive rates. This is probably the largest factor in determining your car insurance rates. Female drivers who have taken driver training education when you are a first time driver will benefit from learning safe driving habits and will also benefit by being trained by an expert. You learn how to drive as well in a lower stress situation as well. The additional benefit is that you should be able to gain an additional discount for having taken the safe driving course and of course passed with flying colours.

Women drivers in general usually are not buyers of so called expensive muscle cars. They tend to be more conservative as a rule and therefore when they do have claims the cost of repairs are correspondingly less as a result. This reduced claim cost is reflected in the rates that everyone pays for insurance. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to talk to your insurance agent prior to buying your car to confirm what rates that you will pay. If you are looking at several different cars you can quickly see if there is a significant difference in the insurance rates for your car.

Another way of keeping insurance costs low for female drivers, especially young drivers, is to be the 2 nd driver on a car and not be designated as the full time driver. The primary driver of the vehicle will be determine the insurance cost for the vehicle and you would be added as an occasional driver.

These are just a few of the ways to control the level of insurance that you will pay for your vehicle. Ask your car insurance agent for all of the discounts they may have available and don’t be concerned about shopping around to find some of the best rates.



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