Japanese Import Insurance

There are many varieties of import cars that have been introduced to the UK and North American market place and many of the main stream car insurers do not provide car insurance cover or they charge high rates for car insurance cover on these import cars.

A number of companies have begun to specialize in providing car insurance cover for Japanese cars, Taiwan cars and other Asian cars that are now available in the market place. One of the reasons that insurers are not always ready to provide insurance cover is the lack of experience with these cars. Accident rates, damages levels in standard low speed accidents, repair costs, and also occupant protection in the event of an accident are just some of the variables that they look at. This of course will change with time, however you need insurance now and that’s were insurance cover from some of the specialized insurance companies that offer this kind of insurance are important.


Since there are some of the obstacles that were mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will need to work hard to find competitive rates or have an insurance broker work for you to find the best insurance cover for you.

Driver that have had a safe driving record for the past 5 years will always qualify for discounts since they have a perceived lower risk factor and the insurance companies will reward these drivers with lower rates. Additionally drivers with convictions stand a more difficult time of finding low cost insurance cover. So it is important to have your broker work hard for you to find cheap insurance if you fall into this category.

Customers driving habits are another factor. Customers who will use there car to drive in rush hour traffic in larger cities with higher accident rates may pay higher rates than a driver who only drives for pleasure in the country away from many high traffic situations.

It is important to identify the type of driving that you and the other drivers of the car will be doing. If there are other drivers, and the happened to be younger, you will need to mention them as well. Your agent can work with you as how best to add them to your policy.

Customers who can park their cars in their driveway may not be eligible for a further discount for parking indoors. Cars parked indoors in a locked garage usually have less opportunity for theft and other damage compared to cars that are parked on the street.

In summary, Japanese cars and other Asian imports may cost more for car insurance cover unless you shop for car insurance with insurance companies that have chosen to specialize in this type of insurance cover.




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