Antique Car Insurance

Antique car insurance follows many of the same rules as insurance for regular cars, with some important differences. The insurance companies will want to know how often and were your antique car will be driven, were it will be stored and whether you need liability, collision, and comprehensive car insurance on it as part of your Antique car insurance package. These are the same issues with any car regardless of age.

One of the first differences will be the recognized value of the car. Since it is an antique car, you will need to establish a mutually agreed value to the car that is based on an appraised number from a recognized appraiser for your Antique car insurance . This will be the basis of calculating your Antique car insurance premiums and also any payout should the car somehow be totally destroyed.


Once you have agreed on the value, consideration must also be given to were it will be driven and how often. Chances are you will only drive your antique car on sunny nice days for show etc, so the risk of an accident of some kind is much less than with a car that is driven to work each day which may lower the cost of your Antique car insurance.

Your car can be protected in other ways as well. Many drivers will take special precautions to protect their antique car and avoid any accidents from happening no matter how small. For example if you park the car in a parking lot, for a period of time, you will want to ensure that it is parked well away from other cars if possible and at the end of a row to avoid dings in the door from other cars.

Other safety precautions you can consider are as follows. Park along the street instead of a parking lot away from traffic if possible. Some people will take up two parking spaces to ensure that no one can park close to them. Unfortunately, this will enrage some people, especially if there are no available parking spots, and may cause them to vandalize your car in some manner. Park under cover if possible, especially if storing your car for any period. The sun will deteriorate your cars paint finish and dirt, sap from trees will also mar the finish of the paint over time decreasing the overall value.

If you are going to use valet parking, ensure that the valet treats the car with the proper care and respect. All valet parking drivers are not the same and handle cars differently. There are other approaches to maintaining your cars value and by talking with or reviewing our partner’s web sites, you may receive other ideas as well.


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