Young and First Time Drivers Insurance

Young first time drivers often find that their car insurance rates are higher than they expected unless they take a number of steps to reduce their insurance rates. We will cover a few of these in this article and make a few suggestions regarding how you can keep your insurance rates low.

Young drivers, while they may not have had an accident or any insurance claim, unfortunately are placed in a class of driver that has a higher risk of claims for insurance related accidents. The very first area that you should follow is to drive carefully, not take unnecessary risks and practice safe driving habits. There are driver training courses you can take that will prepare you for your first time driving experience as well as also taking your driving exam.


Many courses are offered for driver training that will help you develop good driving habits in all types of traffic conditions. Whether it is a busy downtown city street or on a high-speed highway, they will help you refine your driving habits and ensure you are aware of all the details of driving safely and defensively to avoid accidents. Some firms will help you prepare for your driving exam and ensure that you are well prepared to pass your driving test. While your focus is on passing your driving test, don’t forget the driving habits you are learning. These are safety related, and great defensive driving habits that will serve you well as you become a more experienced driver. Over time as you have a claims free driving record your insurance rates will decline.

Some car insurance companies may also offer discounts as well for those clients who have successfully passed a driver training course. Statistics have shown that clients with driver training will have proportionally less accidents and claims than those customers who have not taken a driver training course. A side benefit is that your parents may be more willing to loan you the family car, if you have aced the driver-training course as well.

Once you have your license, you will need to decide what kind of car to drive. The cheapest approach is usually to drive your parents car and be an occasional driver who does not have full time access to the car. If you decide to purchase a car, the type of car and the value of the car will also be a factor in how much you will pay for insurance. If you decide to purchase a brand new muscle car, then expect your rates to be high. The insurance companies have this all figured out statistically and know that muscle cars are more likely to be involved in a claim, especially if they are driven by a young first time driver. A used four-door car with a small engine will be correspondingly less in terms of cost for your car insurance.


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