Peurto Vallarta - Pictures from the Marina

Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area

We are staying in the Marina area of Puerto Vallarta which is about 5 miles from downtown. These are some pictures around this area. This is a very upscale area with million dollar homes, golf courses and a marina that is home to some really expensive yachts!

The area, in fact all of Puerto Vallarta is really safe. The only real complaint so far are the buses. They are quite inexpensive, 5.5 pesos or about 45 cents CDN, they are really school buses, with very hard seats and drivers that are on a schedule which they intend to meet regardless of traffic and road conditions. I recommend that you never sit at the back of the bus unless you really like roller coasters. There are lots of taxis, however I feel safer in the buses. The buses have these huge bumpers that will win any collision with a taxi!

We have found that many tourists are from Canada this year while overall tourism is down due to the recession. There are many bars and restaurants in the Marina. Chappy's Bar is featured here in these pictures. Not only good music for dancing, but also a fish tank with an unusual fish that likes to kiss you through the tank glass!

Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area-chappys bar . Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area-chappys bar

Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area-chappys bar . Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area

Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area . Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area

This is a tropical environment with a mix of palm trees and flowers everywhere. We even saw our first banana tree in the picture on the right.

Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area .Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area

There is a Marriott hotel next door to our condo building. The pictures below are a few we took of the property.

Puerto Vallarta - Marriot Hotel . Puerto Vallarta - Mariott Hotel

The picture on the left is representative of many condo's in this area with lots of flowers on the balconies. These balconies are large and are really an additional room to the condo that people use all year round.

Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area .Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area-Casas Velas

The marina is full of "white gold" as well as pelicans. There are many restaurants in the area. We found an excellent Mexican restaurant called el Coleguita. For $238 pesos(about $20CDN) we had 2 beers, 4 shots of tequila, soup, a salmon and shrimp dish each with rice and salad, desert and Kaluha on the rocks! Fabulous meal which we could not finish. We went to this same restaurant a second time with friends of ours and added margaritas!

The picture on the right is Victors, also on the marina, with a shot of Victor himself. For 15 peso's you get a beer plus a shot of Tequila, about a $1.25.

Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area - El Coliguita .Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area - Victors

A few shots of the marina are shown below. Lots of white gold in this marina!

Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area .Puerto Vallarta - Marina Area


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