Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Puerto Vallarta - Downtown

Downtown is very congested, narrow streets and lots of shops and restaurants. These are a few pictures in the general area. The streets are a mixture of patio stones and stones mixed in concrete.Not easy to walk on and rough for cars and buses alike.

Sidewalks are narrow and when you step off the sidewalk it is usually 12 inches or more, since the streets are natural channels to funnel the flood waters to the ocean during the rainy season. The rainy season is from May to Nov.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta is a colourful area with sidewalk vendors, many restaurants, local residential apartments and high end condos. We have also found that there are a lot of expat Canadians and Americans living here. We saw a school in the middle of the city. The amazing thing about this school is that there are no windows. You can listen and watch the students and teachers doing their lessons. I should learn Spanish!

Puerto Vallarta - downtown . Puerto Vallarta - downtown

There is so much to look at in Centro, Romantica and the Hotel zone in the downtown Puerto Vallarta area. We will be going down there many times. Some of the restaurants we have visited so far are Daiquiri Dick's, Joe's fish shack, Memo's pancake house and Cheeky Monkeys. There are many more and we plan to visit some of the better ones. Cervesa's are usually $12 to $20 peso's or a dollar a beer!!!

Puerto Vallarta - downtown .Puerto Vallarta - downtown

I could not resist this picture. These pelicans are everywhere. Also every morning divers are out diving for oysters. Later they can be seen preparing the oysters with lime juice for sale along the Malecon. Talk about fresh oysters!

Puerto Vallarta - downtown . Puerto Vallarta - shucking oysters

Puerto Vallarta - downtown .Puerto Vallarta - Pelican on the pier


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