Downtown, Centro, Romantica zones of Pureto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta - Downtown - Beach Area

The Malecon along the ocean in old Puerto Vallarta is a mix of condos, hotels, bars and restaurants. A fabulous area. The pictures do not do it justice. The Malecon is a 2 km long boardwalk along the beach in downtown PV, ocean on one side, condos, hotels, restaurants and bars on the other.

Great for strolling during the day and evening with performers as well as people hawking various products. Be prepared to negotiate on everything you buy from any of these vendors. Never except the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even the 4th price! We have been told the first price quoted is usually 3 times what the vendor expects to actually receive, so bargain accordingly.

The weather has been around 80 to 85F most days with a bit of cloud later in the day. We are here during Feb. and Mar which is suppose to be the dry season and so far they are correct! You also need lots of suntan lotion, The sun is intense and many people are going home with sun burned skin!

Puerto Vallarta, beach . Puerto Vallarta, beach

The following pictures are all taken from a 3rd floor restaurant that we had breakfast at. Unfortunately I cannot recall the name, but the view is fantastic!

Puerto Vallarta, ocean view .Puerto Vallarta - centro - Romantica

Cheeky Monkeys is right on the Malecon. These pictures were taken from the 3rd floor and show the boardwalk, the ocean and some of the people that traverse the Malecon. Cheeky Monkey's is known for $1US prices for local beer (Sol, Pacifico etc) We were sitting at a table on the 3rd floor again with a great view!

Puerto Vallarta - on the Malecon at Cheeky Monkeys . Puerto Vallarta - on the Malecon at Cheeky Monkeys

The Malecon vendors sell everything from Coconut milk to hats, jewelry, balloons, etc etc. The picture on the right shows one vendor getting ready to sell colorful balloons.

Puerto Vallarta - on the Malecon at Cheeky Monkeys .Puerto Vallarta -Vendor on the Malecon

And of course there is always cotton candy! We were standing on a pier when the picture on the right was taken. People were fishing from the peer, taking pictures, boarding water taxis etc

Puerto Vallarta -Vendor on the Malecon .Puerto Vallarta -beach along the Malecon


Puerto Vallarta -beach along the Malecon .Puerto Vallarta -beach along the Malecon

Any boat moored as this one is on the right below becomes a resting place for the pelicans. We watched many of them dive into the water and capture fish in their beaks!

Puerto Vallarta -beach along the Malecon .Puerto Vallarta -Pelecans on a boat

Puerto Vallarta -Pelecan .Puerto Vallarta -horseback riding along the Malecon at Cheeky Monekys

There are many bars along the Malecon, usually offering 3 cervesa's for 50 peso's or just under $5 CDN. The picture on the left shows one of them on the Malecon facing the beach. There is a pirate ship that sails every night and fires canons at 7:15pm! All of the booze and food you can drink and eat. It can take you by surprise if you are not ready for it. The canons are very loud!

Puerto Vallarta -one of the bars along the malecon .Pirate ship along the Malecon


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