Las Vegas, Nevada, 2006

We arrived in Las Vegas on April 9th and we are staying at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. For your information the Treasure Island hotel has 3000 rooms, many restaurants and a pirate show that runs every night weather permitting, which is free and can be seen from the strip. This is the first time we have stayed here at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and we are enjoying it very much. Super clean, elegant and great rooms, excellent food - what more can you ask for? We had dinner at the "The Steak House" in the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Excellent, highly recommended! Readers should note that this hotel is now name TI Hotel and Casino. The idea is to make it more hip I guess. There have also been a nuber of upgrades and changes over the years as well.

Treasure Island, Las Vegas

On wednesday, April 12th, we are moving over to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, which we consider to be the number one hotel in Las Vegas. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino comes complete with a manmade lake in front of the hotel. Weather permitting, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino puts on a sound, light and water show on the lake every hour. The pictures below give you some idea of the size of the lake. Visitors can stroll along a tree lined Las Vegas Strip, gazing onto the lake and the hotel. The pictures really do not do justice to the Bellagio. Again almost 5000 rooms in two towers and it is thee most elegant hotel in Las Vegas in our opinion. From the 20 foot high chocolate fountain, to the 5 pools, to the seasonally decorated atrium and the top of the line restaurants, the Bellagio Hotel is thee best. The Wynn Hotel and Casino comes a close 2nd.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Strip in Front of the Bellagio

We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the lake and saw the music-lights-water show from the balcony. See below!

Bellagio Hotel & Casino Bellagio night time water and light show, Las Vegas Strip

These are pictures of the pool area at the Bellagio hotel and casino. For more information, click here.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino pools Bellagion pool area

The Paris hotel and Casino is located across the street from the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, on the other side of the lake and the Las Vegas Strip, shown below with the Eiffel tower in front. The Venetian Hotel and Casino is actually across from the Mirage and from Treasure Island. The Venetian Hotel and Casino comes complete with canals and gondola rides outside as well as inside the Venetian hotels shopping mall!

A couple of tips are worth mentioning: Always obtain a slot card and always use it when you are playing the slots; Charge all of your meals to your room; Check with the slot host before you check out and take advantage of all comp's that are owed to you! You might lose at the slots, but win with your comp's.

Paris Hotel & Casino Venetian Hotel & Casino T

The Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall is in the center of it all, Across the street is the Wynn Hotel and Casino and the Treasure Island Hotel and casino. The las Vegas Fashion Show mall is a top of the line mall and worth a walk through. The saucer shaped structure in front, just cannot be missed!

Fashion Show Mall Fashion Show Mall

The Wynn Hotel and Casino is the newest hotel in Las Vegas on the strip. Again the Wynn Hotel and Casino is one of the most elegant hotels complete with waterfalls and gardens in and outside of the hotel. Golfers can enjoy a round of golf at the back of the hotel and also an exclusive 19th hole.

Wynn Hotel & Casino Wynn Hotel & Casino

We cannot capture all of the hotels in las Vegas, however one of the originals is Caesars Hotel and casino as well as the Aladdin Hotel and Casino. Both hotels have been in Las Vegas for many years and have changed immensely over the years, adding thousands of rooms, convention space, more top of the line restaurants and large casinos.

Alladin Hotel & Casino Caesars Hotel & Casino

We would be remiss in not including the Mirage Hotel and Casino, which we will stay at in May on our way home. The Mirage hotel and casino has the best pool in Las Vegas in our opinion, with a quarter mile of shore line, water falls, palm trees, which really is a tropical paradise. At the front of the hotel is a volcano which erupts every 30 minutes at night complete with 60 foot flames!

Mirage Hotel & Casino Mirage Hotel & Casino

These are just a few of the hotels along the strip. There are over 100,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas to choose from, with the MGM Grand being the largest at over 5000 rooms. Everyone should go to las Vegas at least once!

We are staying in Las Vegas until the 14th of April and then we are off to Palm Springs were we have rented a condo called the Deauville for a month.

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