Sabino Canyon, Tucson, Arizona

Today, March 31st, we drove into Tucson and up into the North east section to a place called Sabino Canyon. This was a very nice day to spend outdoors in the sun. Not too hot and the scenery was fantastic. A highly recommended trip for those interested in the outdoors.

Sabino Canyon, Tuscon, Arizona In the 1930's, workers built 3.8 miles of road up into the canyon as part of a make work project to put unemployed men to work during the depression. The picture above is at the entrance to the canyon and shows Carol with some of the cacti that abounds throughout the canyon.


Sabino Canyon, Tuscon, Arizona .Sabino Canyon, Tuscon, Arizona

We rode a shuttle into the canyon to the end of the road. There are numerous hiking trails that hikers can walk throughout the canyon, some of which continue on up the valley and to a higher elevation. The above two pictures shows the beauty of this desert climate.

Carol and I walked back down the canyon and took a few more pictures. There is a small stream that flows down Sabino Canyon coming from snow melt higher up the mountain. Our guide indicated that there is a great deal of animal and bird life in the canyon including deer, goats and mountain lions. We were given specific instructions about what to do if we confronted a mountain lion. My plan was to put Carol in front of the lion and run like $$&^$.

Sabino Canyon, Tuscon, Arizona .Sabino Canyon, Tuscon, Arizona

There are also wild pigs, however Carol was very concerned about the mountain lions, which can leap 20 feet and run faster than a deer! We saw humming birds and red cardinals, nothing quite so dangerous.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Tubac.

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