Utah, San Raphael Cliffs, Ghost Rock

On Friday, May 19th, we left Las Vegas and headed towards Utah. From 105 degrees to less than 60 degree temperatures with snow in the mountains. Pretty, but hard to take after Vegas!

San Raphael, Utah

Lots of great scenery, with a combination of desert and high altitude mountains. The highest pass that we have traveled so far in Utah has been 7160 feet! There are just a couple of pictures to show for our travels through Utah, however there are many great camping and outdoor activities to enjoy in this part of the US.


The San Rafael cliffs are a particularly imposing range and these pictures really do not do justice to the area. We are traveling on I70 which was built in 1957 at a huge cost due to the work needed to get through this mountain range. You can see the highway in the left hand picture far below were Carol is standing.

San Rafael range, Utah . San Rafael range, Utah

Ghost Rock was named by cowboys herding cattle in the desert during heavy fog. All they could see was this rock, which appeared out of the fog like a ghost, and this is how it got its name! There are thousands of places to stop such as these, however we only stopped at these two locations.

Ghost Rock, Utah .Ghost Rock, Utah


Friday night we stayed in a small town called the Green River, which surprisingly is on the banks of the Green River. There is maybe a 1000 people here in the middle of the mountains and the desert. A place to sleep and then move on. Tomorrow we will travel through Colorado.


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