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On Saturday, May 20th, we continued east along I70 into the state of Colorado. The scenery is fantastic and we took many pictures. We have posted some of the more interesting ones on this page. The Colorado river follows I70 for a long stretch and this is really a dream location for anyone who is interested in hiking, biking and white water rafting. We passed many outfitters that provide services and support for all outdoors activities. The following pictures are some of the ones that we took along the way.

The Colorado was swollen and muddy from the spring runoff as well as storms that had recently passed through the area. Fortunately for us we had sunny skies all the way home.

colorado-river.JPG .colorado-river-2.JPG

colorado-river-3.JPG .colorado-river-4.JPG

colorado-river-5.JPG .colorado-river-6.JPG

colorado-river-8.JPG .colorado-river-7.JPG


As we mentioned this is a great place to spend some quality time outdoors. Of course Colorado is also known for skiing. On our way we had to go over the Vail pass and also through Vail Colorado.


These pictures are taken at the top of the pass, at 10, 680 feet. That's a mile higher than Denver and Denver is already 5000 feet in elevation or the mile high city as some people refer to it.

vail-colorado-10680-feet-1.JPG . vail-colorado-10680-feet-2.JPG

You can see the snow on the mountains below us and in the right hand picture, there is still a huge snow drift on the cliffs above us.

Our last stop that we really considered part of our vacation was Council Bluffs, Iowa. There was a Harrah's casino here which we stayed at for a free night and I won a nice little jackpot of $800 to finish off our vacation! They also had a great bar called STIR, however being sunday night there was not a lot of action, however we enjoyed a drink there anyway to celebrate.


Driving across the prairies and into Canada is pretty dull so that is the end of our pictures and our travel story. Hope you enjoyed it.


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