Palm Springs California

We arrived in Palm Springs on April 14th, where we will spend the next month. Below is a picture of the pool. You can click here for more pictures of the condo were we are staying. As time goes on we will add more pictures that we think our friends and family will enjoy. We spend a few hours every day at this pool after coming back from our morning walk. We have gotten to know a few people in the complex, so there is always someone to chat with while lounging around the pool or swimming.



Pool at the Deauville, Palm Springs .Pool at the Deauville, Palm Springs

We have been going for walks every morning in Palm Springs and often stop at this coffee shop for a coffee, read the paper and listen to the local gossip and of course talk on the phone!

Coffee shop were we have coffee . Downtown Palm Springs

The picture below is typical of the blue skies, palm tress and low foothills that surround Palm Springs. The actual mountains are covered with snow and further away. On thursday nights and also for special events they close the street for all of the vendors and pedestrians to enjoy.

Downtown Palm Springs looking towards the Mountains . Downtown Palm Springs looking towards the Mountains

At night many people stroll along the street and go for dinner at various restaurants as shown below in these pictures.

Downtown Palm Springs looking towards the Mountains . Downtown Palm Springs looking towards the Mountains


Carol loves pets and these two really caught her attention. One was dressed for easter with its easter ears on!

Cute dog in Palm Springs. Cute dog in Palmsprings

We went to American Idol on tuesday, April 25th. It was very interesting and Carol got to shake hands with Paula. She is absolutely gorgeous! The contestants really sang well and everyone on the bus thought it was very difficult to chose which one should go despite what the judges had to say.

We used a tour company so I did not have to drive. Highly recommend La Quinta Tours! Ask for Joe or Ryan, they are lots of fun and will make sure you enjoy your trip. Since we could not take pictures at American Idol, we did take pictures at the farmers market which we also visited just before the show.

farmers market in LA. farmers market in LA

Palm Springs is actually in a valley and you must pass through a 4000 foot pass to enter the valley. The air also flows through this pass creating continuous high winds, so much so that no one builds homes in this area and there are sand storms which close the roads often. What does work well is electric generation from the wind. Each wind turbine generates enough power for 400 homes, cost $1.5 million to build. Payback is in 6 years and there are over 3500 wind turbines in this area. These pictures below show just a small portion of the wind turbines that are here.

Palm Springs Wind Turbines. Palm Springs Wind Turbines

Palm Springs Wind Turbines. Palm Springs Wind Turbines

We also visited South Coast Wineries as well while staying here in Palm Springs.

We met up with some good friends from Salinas, California. Nick and Betty have been coming to palm Springs for many years and stay at the Desert Hills motel were we first met them. We always try to get together for dinner. This time we went to Ichabods, which is a Japanese restaurant complete with the flashing knives!

Palm Springs Nick Betty and Carol. Palm Springs Ichabod Japanese Restaurant

Peter and Sheila Maurer also joined us for a few days in Palm Springs. They were on a two week vacation through southern California and will end up in Vegas were we will have a mothers day dinner with them.

Palm Springs Peter, Shiela and Carol.Palm Springs Peter, Shiela and Carol.


We are staying in Palm Springs until the 14th of May and then we begin our trip home with stops in (click on this link for more pictures=>)Las Vegas and various other locations.

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