Desert Museum

On Sunday, April 02nd, we took it easy and spent the day around the hotel and enjoyed the pool. It was a nice relaxing sunny spring day with the pool at 87 degrees! This hotel in bensen Arizona is extremely clean and has won many awards. It used to be a Holiday Inn Express, however it is not and independent hotel.

Pool at Bensen, Arizona

On Monday, April 03 we traveled to the Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum just outside of Tucson. This is a really great museum to visit and is highly recommended for anyone visiting Tucson. Visitors should either go early in the day or late since it is the desert and it does get very hot ( 32C). This museum has everything that can be found in the desert with interpreters to describe all of the plants and animals that can be seen in the desert museum.

Sonora Desert Museum .Sonora Desert Museum

I have shown a few of the pictures we took which really shows the desert and the cacti in the desert. Some plants were beginning to flower as seen in the picture above and also below.

Sonora Desert Museum .Sonora Desert Museum

Of course they have some animals as well. This funny looking duck caught our eye. I think he was begging for something to eat. Of course there are the prairie dogs that are throughout the desert.


Sonora Desert Museum .Sonora Desert Museum

This is about as close as we will get to a mountain goat. Amazingly nimble and unafraid. The Desert Museum also had many birds, mountain lions, fish, turtles and much more to see. They also had a display showing the 5 stages of caves - birth, wet, dry, death and re-birth. Again the Desert Museum is highly recommended.

Sonora Desert Museum .Sonora Desert Museum

In the afternoon, we traveled to Kit's Peak, which is over 7000 feet high and houses many telescopes. Unfortunately we were unable to travel right to the top due to construction on the road. I was able to take this one picture to show how close we got. If you are planning to visit Kit's Peak, call ahead. The road is paved all the way and their are guard rails all the way. Although steep in places it is very safe and nothing like Pikes Peak in Colorado or the highway crossing the Andes from Chile to Argentina, which did not have guard rails and also had many, many tractor trailers on the road.

Kits Peak Observatory

The view from 7000 feet is truly fantastic and you are able to see for miles. Highly recommended trip!

Tonight we are still in Arizona in a small town called Benton, about 40 miles outside Tucson, and plan to travel to Laughlin, Nevada in the morning.

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