Nogales and Tubac, Arizona

Today, April 1st, we are on our way to Tubac. We stopped in several places along the way. The first was Patagonia, which is about 15 miles from the US - Mexico border, nestled in a valley. It was a very quiet place for a saturday morning with a number of over priced art galleries and antique stores. Many people visit Patagonia to go bird watching! Our next stop was Nogales, on the US - Mexican border.

Market in Nogales , Arizona

Nogales, although on the American side of the border is heavily populated with Mexican people and we felt as if we were really in another spanish speaking country and not in the US. In fact there were very few white people that we saw, everyone speaking Spanish and Spanish music blaring from loudspeakers. The picture above is one of a market bazaar within a 1000 feet of the border, were they sell many designer knock offs for relatively cheap prices. The pictures below show the wall that divides the two countries and a border crossing point which is really just a doorway in the wall for people to pass through.

Border Fence . Entry point from Mexico

Next we went to Tubac, which is about 20 miles north of the border and 50 miles south of Tucson on I19. This is a colony of art galleries, jewelers and Mexican pottery. There is about 50 different galleries with quite nice, but expensive items. Carol really enjoyed it, however it was not one of my favorite excursions. For those of you who know me, you will understand.

Tubac Arizona

Tonight we are still in Arizona in a small town called Benton, about 40 miles outside Tucson. Tomorrow we are going to relax beside the pool. After that we spend some time in Laughlin, Nevada.

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