Travelling across America - St Louis to Palm Springs

We left Ottawa on Mar 24 th on our vacation, driving to Windsor, Ontario the first night. We visited the casino and had some luck at the slot machines. Next morning we were up early and on our way. Since it was a Sat morning there was no traffic crossing the Ambassador Bridge to Detroit and we were across the border in no time at all. Stayed in a small town just past Indianapolis that night.

We stopped briefly in St Louis and took a picture of the arch marking the official entry to St Louis. The next night was in Springfield, Missouri. It is located along the banks of the Mississippi river. All of the riverboat casinos are located along the river and you have to walk from the main entrance onto to the river boat.

Arch to the entrance to St Louis

During the day , Monday Mar 27th we drove through Oklahoma and into Amarillo, Texas were we are spending the night. We saw first hand the extent of the fires that have raged across Texas. Miles and miles of scorched earth along the highway and in fact it had been closed the day before! I included some pictures of what the plains across Texas normally look like. Amarillo, Texas is 3000 km's from Ottawa, Canada!

Results of raging fires in Texas .Results of raging fires in Texas

Texas Plains .Texas Plains

Mar 28th, we wanted to visit the historic district in Amarillo, expecting it to be the same as Santa Fe or some of the other cities we have visited. It was a big disappointment.

Historic House in Amarillo

It appeared to be an ordinary street with a few antique shops and lots of bars on the windows. We decided not to stop. We did visit an area with historic homes from the 1905 era and this picture is one of the homes we saw.

We left Amarillo and headed for Roswell, New Mexico, a 4 hour drive. On the way we passed through Hereford and Bovina, and yes you can imagine that these towns base their industry on cattle. The reason these are of note is that we saw feedlots of thousands of cattle and the smell was very strong! Not a great place to live.

Roswell NM .UFO Museum, Roswell NM

Then we come to Roswell, New Mexico. We expected it to be a tacky place based on the UFO's etc, however we were pleasantly surprised and how modern and industrious it is. Main industry is driven by the US New Mexico Military Institute and of course dairy as shown by the pictures. We visited the UFO museum which is based on the UFO landings in 1947, which apparently the government covered up.

Next we are heading to the White Sands National Monument.

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