Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is our next stop on our trip this year. We have been staying at the Deauville condos every year for the past 4 or 5 years and really enjoy our time here. The pictures below really say it all in terms of the location and the pool. Complete with 3 pools, 3 hot tubs, tennis courts, underground parking, 2 bedrooms in a tropical setting, 3 blocks from downtown. What more could you ask for.

Our unit is the one at the top in the left hand picture. The pool in the picture on the right is just down the stairs and around the corner. Palm Springs is a great place to relax, with many restaurants in the area, golf courses (120), hiking and shopping.

Palm Springs Deauville .Palm Springs Deauville Pool

At night all 3 pools have subdued lighting around the palm trees and in the pool as can be seen below.

Pool at night - Palm Springs . Pool at night-Palm Springs

Palm Springs is nestled in a valley. I10 is the main highway through the area and travelers must travel through a pass in the mountains to get into the valley. The wind in this area is constant and sometimes quite gusty. There are literally 1000's of windmills generating electricity. The pictures below show a few of them. California is well ahead of the curve in generating electricity using alternate sources.

Windmill Farm - Palm Springs .windmill farm - Palm Springs

The picture on the left below is of downtown Palm Springs at night in an area were there are many restaurants and shopping. Jean & Josette joined us for several days. We enjoyed a great evening dining, while sitting at a table located on a balcony overlooking the view on the left below.

Downtown PS . Jean & Josette

Breakfast on our balcony at our condo in the morning is always enjoyable, especially with company. The view shown in the picture on the left below is spectacular.

 Deauville- Palm Springs .Deauville- Palm Springs

Deauville- Palm Springs . Road Runner - Palm Springs

Road Runners are pretty common in the area, as are coyotes, humming birds and ravens. So I included one, above here from a picture I took from past years.

Many people have dogs in PS, they dress them up and just love it when you make a fuss over them. Obviously Carol loves this one with his coat and hat!

 Palm Springs .  Easter - Palm Springs

The next two pictures are of Paul and Carol taken on our balcony in Palmsprings just before going out for dinner.

Palm Springs - Deauville . Palm Springs - Deauville

The camera obviously was not set up correctly for the picture on the left, below, however, these are friends of ours that we met while lounging around the pool. From Left to right are Don, Anne, Paul, Carol, Ron, Stephanie and Pam. They are from the UK, Ireland, and Nanimo BC. The picture on the right is taken at a restaurant called the Mariposa in Palmsprings and they obviously specialize in large Margarita's!

Palm Springs - Deauville . Palm Springs - Margaritaville

Palm Springs - Margaritas . Palm Springs - the Matchbox and The Falls

Well this is the end of our stay at the Deauville in Palm Springs, California. We are off to Las Vegas next for two days, then on our way to Santa Fe.


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