Utah, Zion, Black Dragon Canyon...

The state of Utah offers so many different vistas and opportunities to hike and take pictures, it is hard to know which pictures to include.

The pictures on this page are just a couple we took along various scenic view stops along I-70 which runs east to west across Colorado and Utah. This canyon known as Black Dragon Canyon, was part of an inland sea at one time with many layers of silt and sand deposited on the floor of the sea. It is now over 5000 feet above sea level for all to view.




Black Dragon , Utah .Black Dragon , Utah

Black Dragon , Utah

The Colorado river runs out of Colorado somewhere, through Utah and into Nevada and Arizona. Various streams like the one below feed into it. Although it is hard to see my wife in this picture on the left, it shows the height of the surrounding cliffs. There is also a lot of horse back riding in the area.

Utah pictures . Utah pictures


Zion National park is one of our favorites and is the subject of the next page. Bryce canyon, the Grand Canyon and Zion are all in the same general area of Utah and Arizona.


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