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Man Made Diamonds, The Affordable Alternative For Your Wedding
By Peter Crump, Wed Apr 5th

Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but modern man madediamonds are so good as to be indistinguishable from realdiamonds. And when you look at the huge savings on price, manmade diamonds may be a woman’s best decision.

Increasingly, engaged couples are considering the cost of somewedding jewelry. In today’s high pressure high cost lifestylecouples are really wondering whether or not it is appropriate tospend big on, say, a diamond engagement ring.

The more spent on wedding jewelry the less available later forthe important things in the marriage, like a house. Or the kidswhen they arrive. Is it responsible to spend so much to buy adiamond engagement ring when these more important things mayneed to be compromised later?

Especially when you consider that good quality man made diamondscannot be distinguished from real diamonds, even by jewellers.

Faux diamonds are big business. The pearl jewelry industry wasrevolutionised by the advent of cultured pearls. Syntheticdiamonds are doing the same thing to the wedding jewelrybusiness.

There are a range of ways to produce synthetic diamonds. Moderntechnology is very adept at making any product which will sellwell and faux diamonds are no exception. And the quality is sogood that many of the alternatives to diamonds performexceedingly well when compared to diamond using the commondiamond quality tests.

In such tests as hardness, refractive index, fire, brilliance,luster and others the man made diamonds perform admirably.Sometimes even better.

Brilliance is a test of the amount of light which enters thestone and gets reflected back. It is affected by the quality ofthe cut of the stone.

Fire is the ability of the stone to break light down into it’scomponent colors and is also affected


by the cut. “Fire” can beseen as color coming out of the stone.

Luster is the amount of light reflected back from the surface ofthe stone.

Moissanite, for example, outperforms diamond in brilliance, fireand luster and is only very slightly lower on the hardnessscale. In fact a special piece of testing equipment had to bedesigned so that jewellers could tell moissanite from diamond asso many were unable to.

And, of course, moissanite is much cheaper than diamonds. And ifmost jewellers cannot tell it apart from diamonds, could you?

There are a range of different processes used to produce a stonewhich is a good diamond alternative. Most produce fine qualitystones which produce stunning quality jewelry which any womanwould be proud to wear.

Moissanite is not strictly a man made diamond though, as it is,in fact, naturally occurring. Unfortunately it doesn’t occur insufficient quantities to be commercially viable for mining. Buttechnology has come to the rescue by devising a method ofproducing high quality crystals.

Our preference for the best alternative to diamonds? Moissanite.A fine jewelry stone which will make a stunning engagement ring,or other jewelry piece. And you can buy moissanite weddingjewelry at a fraction of the price of diamond wedding jewelry.

And when the kids come along, buy them something extra from usfrom the money you’ve saved.


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