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Engagement Rings
By Kathryn Whittaker, Fri Dec 9th

Need help finding a perfect engagement ring? These style-savvytips will help you find the perfect engagement ring and perhapsgive you the inspiration you seek in finding a diamondengagement ring that fully expresses your feelings.

No other jewellery item says ‘love’ more powerfully than adiamond engagement ring. Rare, precious, and indestructible,these qualities earned the diamond its status as a symbol ofenduring love, romance, and commitment. It was said that Cupid'sarrows were tipped with diamonds.

The Greeks believed that the fire in a diamond reflected theconstant flame of love. The Romans suggested that diamonds weretears of the gods. For the Indians, they were good luck charmswarding off illness, thieves, and forces of evil. To others,they were stones that would heal and bestow knowledge -talismans of power and purity.

Once reserved for royalty or the very rich, diamond rings arenow an accessible luxury. Happy, pretty and loved are howdiamond engagement rings make any women feel. And diamondengagement rings are proudly worn as potent symbols ofcommitment, devotion, celebration, wealth, and love. Nothingbeats the look of a diamond engagement ring on your hand.

It is vitally important when choosing an engagement ring that itreflects the wearer’s taste, personality and also meets anypractical requirements. Think about the wear and tear the ringwill have and chose accordingly.

So, what are today’s styles for engagement rings? Truth is,sometimes women want to sport a brilliant, beautiful diamondengagement ring on their hand that doesn't look like a weddingband, or anniversary ring. Sometimes, women want to wear thisring on their right hand - or even the middle finger of theirleft to


avoid tan lines or to perform some professional duties.These demands are what inspire jewellers to create so manyunique engagement ring designs.

The only hard and fast design rule is that there are no hard andfast rules! Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes andstyles. There is plenty of opportunity to have a ring that is asunique as you are.

Some of the latest design trends for engagement rings are bold,yet feminine - many with an art deco influence. Hallmarks of thehottest engagement ring looks include:

• Geometric, art deco shapes such as diamond circles or squares;• Wide "band" style engagement rings that are chunky, yetfeminine; • Asymmetrical designs that feature an unusually cutdiamond, such as princess cut; • Coloured diamonds (fancyyellow, cognac, or chocolate brown) • Mixing round brilliantdiamonds with fancy shapes; • The use of open-air space withinthe ring design (showing diamonds against skin) to give asubstantial ring a light, airy, modern look.

Diamond engagement rings are a great choice as they are timelessand compliment any outfit or other jewellery. Remember that anengagement ring will be a ring you’ll wear for a lifetime so itis worth choosing carefully. Make sure you try on all the stylesthat appeal to you so that you make an informed choice. Alsoyou’ll need to think about how it will sit with your weddingring and most likely an eternity ring down the line.


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