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Diamond Solitaire Rings - The Ultimate In Engagement Rings
By Peter Leigh, Fri Dec 9th

There are no better rings to seal your engagement than diamondsolitaire rings. The ultimate in diamond rings, diamondsolitaire rings are the only ring for the woman who wants thebest in wedding jewelry.

What is a diamond solitaire ring? Simple. A diamond solitairering is a ring with one diamond. Thatís all. Just one diamond.Nothing else to distract from that one magnificent stone.

Why are diamond solitaire engagement rings the best engagementrings? Well firstly because they are a diamond ring. Diamondsare the best of all jewelry stones available to the seriousjewelry buyer. And there are a lot of other stones out there.All sorts of colored stones, diamond copies, diamond simulantsand so on. Most of them beautiful stones. But none of them arediamonds.

Why are there so many diamond copies, man made diamonds? Becausediamonds are the best, and it is the best that is copied.

Your engagement ring is one of the most important buyingdecisions you will ever make. Think about it. What else can youbuy that will be with you for life?

Your house? No, not really, most people keep a house for a fewyears and then move on. Your car? Never!

Is there anything? I canít think of anything that is moreenduring than a diamond solitaire engagement ring. Nothing elsethat goes through life with you. So if itís that important thenget a good one. Once youíve got it then itís too late to changeyour mind.

And why diamonds? Why not some other type of beautiful jewelrystone?

Diamonds represent the ultimate. The best. There is no betterjewelry stone than a diamond, and no more expensive. By buying


adiamond youíre saying ďonly the best for usĒ. Youíre making acommitment that you are prepared to spend some serious money onthe one most important and enduring purchase you will ever make.Your diamond solitaire ring.

And why a solitaire ring? There are lots of beautiful rings withdiamonds. Thousands of styles, a whole world of choices. Whychoose a diamond solitaire ring?

Just because thatís what it is. A solitaire. You are getting thebiggest diamond for your money. One that stands out. One thatpeople will admire.

There are some beautiful three stone diamond rings. Magnificentrings. But not solitaires. Three small diamonds just donít cutit like one large one.

Diamond engagement rings have a long and proud tradition. Thegiving a diamond engagement ring to a woman as a symbol of apromise to marry began in 1477 with the engagement of ArchdukeMaximillian of Austria and Mary of Burgundy. The Archdukeselected a diamond engagement ring and his decision has beencopied ever since.

It was even said then that cupids arrows were tipped withdiamonds which imbued the couple with the magic of love.

Diamond solitaire rings encapsulate that magic of love.

Diamond engagement rings have a symbolism from centuries past.They are the ultimate in engagement rings. And diamond solitairerings are the ultimate in diamond engagement rings.


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