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Presidents Reagan And Clinton Steal The Thunder From The 2004 Campaign In June Pq Index
Danville, CA (ContentDesk) June 16, 2004 -- Ronald Reagan holds the top spot in the current Index, while Bill Clinton's 'Memoirs' debut at No. 8. Paul JJ Payack, President and The WordMan of the Global Language Monitor notes, "This development might prove helpful to the current president, George W. Bush, as it tends to obscure the Abu Ghraib 'abuse/torture' scandal, which has fallen to No. 3 from the No.

1 position in May".The No. 2 term, economic recovery, is up over 300% for the month as the media are recounting the evidence that the recovery is gaining steam. 'Jobless recovery,' the common rejoinder to 'economic recovery' comes in at No. 9, though at a far slower rate of growth. 'Incuriosity,' No.

1 in the April Index, continues its dramatic fall and comes in at No. 20 in the June Index.The PQ Index is a proprietary six-part algorithm that tracks politically sensitive words and phrases in the media and on the Internet. The words and phrases are tracked in relation to their frequency, contextual usage and appearance in global media outlets. The PQ Index is published monthly leading up to the US Presidential Elections on November 2nd, and quarterly thereafter.June 2004 PQ Index                 1. Ronald Reagan   Comment: Once more, the 40th president takes center stageFactor: The praises ring steady and strong(Last month: Not Listed.)2.

Economic RecoveryComment: Surges to the forefront as the evidence mountsFactor: Up over 300% for the month(Last Month: Not Listed.)3. Abuse/Torture   Comment: Abu Ghraib Scandal Bursts upon World Consciousness and ConscienceFactor: Still rising dramatically(Last Month: No. 1.)4. Resign/Resignation   Comment: Calls for Rumsfeld's to resign were present BEFORE current crisis.    Factor: Calls to resign not abating(Last Month: No.

3.)5. Embedded   Comment: Taking on a life beyond reportingFactor: Up slightly month over month(Last Month: No. 11.)6. Out of the Mainstream   Comment: Used in derision on both sides of the aisleFactor: More prevalent as debate becomes more strident(Last Month: NL.)7. Likeability Bush   Comment: Likeability factor dramatically rising   Factor: Kerry pales in comparison here (see No.

19)(Last Month: No. 14.)8. Clinton MemoirsComment: The other former president to snare the spotlightFactor: Clinton's star-power evinced once more(Last Month: NL.)9. Jobless Recovery   Comment: Opponents' caveat as the evidence of economic recovery


mountsFactor: Slower growth than No. 2 disheartening to Dem's(Last Month: NL.)10.

Shock-and-awe   Comment: Media now more shocked than awedFactor: Slipping from the May PQ Index(Last Month: No. 8.)11. Misleader   Comment: A favorite of the anti-Bush factionFactor: Two thirds of all media usages are linked to Bush(Last Month: No. 6.)12. Quagmire Iraq   Comment: Rapidly falling as the turnover approachesFactor: Originally 'quake-mired' as in California(Last Month: No.

5.)13. Steadfast   Comment: Favorite description by W's supporters: steadfast stalwartFactor: Describes Mr. Bush with increasing frequency(Last Month: No. 7.)14. Flip Flop    Comment: Jay Leno best sums up the dilemma: future president would deliver both State of Union, and rebuttal.

   Factor: 'Flip flop' still haunting Kerry(Last Month: No. 2.)15. War for Oil   Comment: Familiar phrase born one year agoFactor: Dropping as oil revenue flows into Iraq's coffers(Last Month: No. 12.)16. Global OutsourcingComment: A real hot button concerning jobs, free trade, and the direction of the economy.Factor: Evidently a waning of interest here(Last Month: No.

13.)17. Rush-to-war   Comment: Sparked the creation of the PQ IndexFactor:   Slowly losing steam(Last Month: No. 9.)18. Two Americas   Comment: Rick and poor, liberal and NeoCons, etc.Factor: Not 'resignating' with the American Public as before(Last Month: No. 10.)19.

Likeability Kerry   Comment: Kerry likeability falling as Bush risesFactor: Down nearly 15% for the year(Last Month: No. 14.)   20. Incurious/Incuriosity   Comment: President characterized as 'incurious' by critics; now a number attributed to ReaganFactor: Continues dramatic fall(Last Month: No. 4.)About The Global Language MonitorThe Global Language Monitor documents, analyzes, and tracks the latest trends in word usage and word choices, and their impact on the various aspects of culture, with a particular emphasis upon Global English. The GLM is supported by a worldwide assemblage of linguists, professional wordsmiths, and bibliophiles to help monitor the latest trends in the evolution (and demise) of language, word usage and word choices, and their impact on the various aspects of culture.


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