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Hillary Clinton
By Bill Knell, Fri Dec 9th

As someone who once received the highest Civics exam score inthe State of Florida, itís always fun to watch a mainlinepolitical party set itself up for a devastating politicaldefeat. The Democrats seem to be living in some sort of weirdJimmy Carterland bubble that exists only in the context of a1970ís alternative reality. In that reality, Carter has savedthe world by joining it. It was Jimmy who managed to defeat theSoviets by building more habitat for humanity homes and makingsure that we didnít insult or antagonize the Communists bybuilding a bigger, better and stronger military. In Carterland,Democrats lose elections because of personal issues blown wayout of proportion by Conservatives and polling places designedto accommodate rich white people.

Up to now, the Democratic alternative reality bubble has beenwell maintained by wealthy contributors who subscribe to thesame philosophy. However, the bubble is not as strong as it oncewas. No matter how much money they manage to raise, anypolitical party that wants to survive in a meaningful way has tocome up with the goods. After losing election after election,that doesnít seem to be happening for the Democrats. The recentfailure of Air America to attract a significant listenerfollowing for their left view of America and the folding of theGeorge Soros funded project, America Coming Together, shouldsend a strong message that Carterland is a philosophical kingdomnot long for this world.

Letís take a brief vacation from Carterland to look at anotherequally unrealistic and sadly out of touch place calledWashingtonDCville. If Carterland is a rapidly disintegratinghideout for anyone who still wants to burn their draft card orfight the vast Right Wing Conspiracy, then WashingtonDCville isa place where citizens take the most generally unacceptablepoliticians they can find and run them for President. UnlikeCarterland, WashingtonDCville is not driven by any particularpolitical philosophy. Instead, itís a place based on hype,stupidity and naivetť.

Leaders come and go in Carterland based on who threw the mosteggs at American Troops returning from Vietnam or, for theyounger set, how many ways you can find to call President Bush amoron without actually being Paul Begala. In WashingtonDCville,popularity is all about buzz, political tenure or misreading thepolls. That kind of thinking has produced a distinguished listof past Presidential wannabes including Bob Dole, Ralph Nader,H. Ross Perot, Jesse Jackson and John Kerry. Without skipping abeat, WashingtonDCville is quickly positioning a new and equallyhopeless candidate to take on the challenge of the 2008Presidential Election.

Hillary Clinton has managed to get the wide and wacky world ofWashingtonDCville all excited about her obvious ability to winthe next Presidential Election. To Hillary supporters, itís agiven! Why? Just surviving a marriage to the most philanderingPresident since JFK should get you some positive politicalpayback. I think that ending up as a New York State Senatorcovers that debt. However, itís the survivor theme that haspropelled Senator Clinton to where she is in WashingtonDCville.

Beyond staying married to a womanizing political hack, Hillaryis portrayed as a strong woman because she feels confidentenough to speak her mind on issues she cares about. The problemwith that is the problem with most Democrats. Her views seem tochange to fit the occasion. She managed to embrace womanísrights without any concern for the rights of the women thatBilly Boy is accused of


fondling or worse. Despite verbalizingsome of the farthest of left wing positions over the past tenyears, Hillary wants us to believe she is a born-again moderatein the alleged mold of her husband. What happens when thecampaigning starts and the gloves are taken off?

I have no doubt that the mainstream media believes that they canpropel Hillary to the White House. They had the same beliefabout John Kerry. Thatís because they are all Charter Members ofCarterland. Well, it should be a wake up call to the Democratsthat people who philosophically live in Carterland are asuseless to them as a Presidential Candidate who comes fromWashingtonDCville. Americans are not liberal New Yorkers. Theywill not be willing to turn back the political clock, gamblepossible Supreme Court Judge Nominees and place their personalsafety in the hands of a Presidential Candidate whose buzz islimited to speaking her mind and surviving a cheating hubby. Ifthat kind of buzz could get you elected President, then half ofthe women in America should run.

The Winner of the next Presidential Election is not going tocome from WashingtonDCville or be chosen and supported bycitizens from Carterland. Those are facts that all politicalparties should immediately take note of. If they want to choosea Winner, then he or she has to be someone that is not going totalk about what a terrific job theyíll do. Itís going to have tobe a person with a proven record of political and economicsuccess. It is also going to be have to be a person who will notnecessary find favor in the eyes and mouths of the current cropof political pundits.

For the Democrats, the biggest strike they will have againstthem in the next national election will be the same people whohurt them the last time around. If any person or group of peoplehelped lose the White House for the Democrats in 2004, it wasJohn Kerry, John Edwards and all the liberal strategists,politicians and commentators. People like Ted Kennedy, PaulBegala and James Carville are publicity poison for the party ofthe common people. Thatís because the common people, apparently,did not and do not like or believe what they have to say.

People are starting to think for themselves. Voters are outthere in big numbers when they perceive a threat to their ownphilosophical destiny. Any Political Party that is trying toshove a platform full of unpopular planks down their throatswill find themselves relegated to dust of history. A few crustycollege professors and far out of sync liberal politicians arenot going to save the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is not apolitical horse I would bet on if I were desperate to win a race.

In reality, I cannot imagine that Hillary would run forPresident until she finally establishes a political identitythat would stand up to the scrutiny of a National Election. Ifthat happens, her best hope for winning the election is thatpeople will turn against the Republicans in record numbers andaccept her as a new kind of Democrat. However unlikely thosethings are to occur, one more thing would still have to happenfor her to win as a Democrat. She would have to place tape overthe mouths of the usual suspects in the extreme liberal wing ofher Party before they lose whatever slight chance she might haveto win.


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