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Who Does A Conservative Vote For ?
By J.R., Fri Dec 9th

Recently I received an email from a listener stating thatPresident Bush was wrong for america, that although he fightsterrorism he won't guard our borders. He further stated that thePresident cuts taxes, but spends worse than any liberal inhistory. The listener went on to say just because the Presidentis better than any democrat doesn't make him good for thecountry.

Well ladies and gentelmen, herein lies the problem. Who do weconservatives vote for ?

The answer lies within the listeners email. Quote "just becausethe President is better than any Democrat doesn't make him goodfor the country". In his statement we find six words whichanswer our question, The President is BETTER than any Democrat .This doesn't just make him good for the country it makes himBETTER for the country.

The Presidents recent annoucement of a new immigration policyand the fact that he has increased Federal spending are reasonsfor conservatives to be upset, but don't cut off your nose tospite your face. Many conservatives are threatening to vote forthe Democratic Presidential candidate, or not to vote at all.

Consider this, the democrats are in favor of an even moreliberal immigration plan than the Presidents. The democratswould increase Federal spending even more than it currently is,remember Senator Kerry is considered to have a more liberalvoting record than Senator Kennedy.

Many conservatives are forgetting that the President


has stoodwith us on most issues that we hold dear, National Defense,Outlawing Partial Birth Abortion, Saving the sanctity ofmarriage, and cutting taxes.

The President refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty which was alargely unfair resolution that would have created hugeenvironmental regulations on U.S. manufacturers, possiblycausing job losses. He also refused to sign a weaponsproliferation resolution in the U.N. that in part would haveoutlawed private firearms ownership throughout the world, forany country who signed it. He also unsigned the InternationalCriminal Court treaty which was signed by President Clinton inDecember of 2000, which would have allowed for U.S. troops orPresidents, or anyone else for that matter to be tried for warcrimes and other crimes as the ICC saw fit. The funny thingthere is that President Clinton was one of the persons that theICC was considering charging with war crimes, good thing for himthat President Bush unsigned the treaty, or Clinton could havebeen seated next to Milosevich in the Hague!

Conservatives must wake up ! The best choice for conservatives,the best candidate to advance the conservative agenda isPresident George W. Bush.

You need only to look at the alternatives to come to theconclusion that President George W. Bush is still the man forthe job !

I'm J.R. and that's my take .

About the author:J.R. is the host of Talk Show America, a conservative talk showthat can be heard Mon-Fri 4-6 PM EST Live on the IBC RadioNetwork or 24/7 on The TALK SHOW AMERICA Show


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