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How To Buy A New Guitar
By Peter Lenkefi, Fri Dec 9th

So, you want to know how to buy a new guitar. Whether you arejust learning to play the guitar or you've been playing for sometime, choosing to buy a new guitar can be one of the mostexciting experiences.

You will soon learn that people have their own opinions aboutthe type of new guitar to buy. You will need to consider what isimportant to you. In addition, learning how to buy a new guitaris similar to buying a new pair of shoes. They are better oncethey have been used a bit.

In guitar terms, they need to have a good "setup."

There are essentially three types of guitars on the market:electric, acoustic, and classical. You can also find acousticguitars that have pickups. These are properly calledacoustic-electric guitars.

If you're are just learning to play the guitar you may beinterested in purchasing a brand new guitar instead of a usedone. You may think that there is much more trouble associatedwith purchasing a used guitar.

You shouldn't have to worry about the general condition, butthere are some tips for how to buy a new guitar that can saveyou a headache and point you in the right direction.

Getting Your Money's Worth

One aspect of new guitars that you will learn quickly---they'renot cheap. As with anything you buy, the highest price doesn'tnecessarily correspond to the best. When you are considering howto buy a new guitar, the best deal that you want to secure isone where you get a quality guitar with the lowest pricespossible. Quality in terms of the guitar relate to itsconstruction and tone.

When you look at the construction, notice the wood


that is used.Inspect the entire guitar and look for peeling or chipping. Alsolook closely to notice the shape of the guitars. Guitars aretypically kept in storage areas.

If a guitar spends a significant amount of time in such an area,it is very possible that the wood may become affected so thatthe instrument loses its shape. Now that you are learning how tobuy a new guitar, you will be able to tell the difference in anew guitar that is worth its price tag and one that is not.

Checking the Action

If there is one aspect of guitars that separate them from eachother, it's tone. Another tip for how to buy a new guitar is torefrain from judging a guitar simply by its looks alone. Youneed to take it down from the shelf and listen to its tone. Ifyou are just learning to play, you don't have to worry that youdon't know enough to test out the tone. You can tell if a guitarhas good tone by simply strumming a few strings on it. Action isan important thing to check as well.

Action refers to the amount of space between the strings and thefretboard.

When you play a note, you have to press down on the strings sothat they touch the fretboard. If there is too much spacebetween the string and the fretboard, the action is consideredhigh. If there is very little space between the two, the actionis considered low. Either extreme can affect your guitarplaying. You want to aim for an action that is somewhere in themiddle.

The tips presented here are only a few to show you how to buy anew guitar. The more time you spend talking to other guitarenthusiasts you will learn more about new guitars.


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