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Hydroponics: How Do Beginners Get On With This Gardening?
By Jason Uvios
Something new means something complex. Do you too think likewise? Yes there is shakiness about the usage and efficiency of anything thatís yet to be established. The same applies for hydroponics.

When hydroponics was rarely known, there was an unclear idea about it. You will plant trees and reap crops but without any soil. So how will things take place? Automatically doubts popped up and many of you took more curiosity and interest in it. And what did you find? Things were actually simpler than conventional gardening process. Hydroponics dealt with more of water and exact timings to get the best yields.

Solution not soil

You need not sow the seeds in the soil. The plants are actually put into deep water solutions with the necessary nutrients added into it for the proper nourishment of the plant. Enough oxygen is derived by the plant roots from the water itself. The mineral nutrient solution itself becomes the base for the plant growth and the absence of a solid structure or medium doesnít matter in the plantís growth. The terrestrial plants can be better grown in this way.

Nutrient solution in a container

Where or how is the plant grown without a firm and solid base? It is okay that the solution made of water and mineral enriched nutrients substantiate the natural nutrients present in the soil base. But in what way will this solution become the base for the plant to be grown in it?

Water or any type of solution takes the shape of the container where it is poured. Logically you all know


this. Thus it is simple that in case of hydroponics, a similar method has to be applied. For small indoor plants, Mason jars are sufficient. For bigger sized plants you may use plastic buckets, big tubs or even the tanks to carry the mineral solution.

The solution is mostly kept in aerated condition to supply the roots of the plants with sufficient amount of oxygen. The roots are dipped and inserted deep inside the solution so that they can get more and more nutrients and oxygen supply readily. There is an external pump used to keep the level of oxygen optimum in the water.

The pH factor and time maintenance

There is no hassle in the maintenance of hydroponical gardening. You will have to keep a regular track on the pH factor and the level of the water. At the same time a weekly and fortnightly regulation of the nutrient content has to be checked up and required changes have to be made in the solution.

The simplicity of the mechanism has led to the teenagers pick up hydroponics as a great hobby and to grow a greener environment around them. You too can be a part of it.

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