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Unveil The Real Advantages Of Hydroponics
By Jason Uvios
No more dirtying your hands and clothes with muddy patches, yet making a greener and pure world – is this possible? Why not? Hydroponics is all about this. A soil less cultivation and technique of gardening is hydroponics where plants are sown in deep mineral rich solution and the necessary nutrients are absorbed by the plant roots.

Practicing gardening in the hydroponical way is not just an alternative to the conventional gardening procedure on the solid soil base but also advantageous in many ways. What are in fact the useful and beneficial areas that are exclusively found in the hydroponics? Let’s dig into.

Adding life

When a plant is removed from the ground or soil, it turns lifeless. As soon as the supply of oxygen and nutrients is cut off, the plant is nor more alive. This is what happens in the traditional way of cultivating crops or gardening plants. It is as if the life giving force is stored in the soil only.

In hydroponics life cannot be taken out so easily even if the plant is removed from the mineral solution. Lettuce if grown as per hydroponics has more life than grown on soil. As the roots are elongated and dipped thoroughly in the nutrient rich solution, even if brought out of it doesn’t deprive the plant of the required nutrients instantly. Thus the lettuce you buy in the packaged form from the store is not dry and still fresh because it has been grown through hydroponics.

No soil; no problem

As there is no soil being used in the whole process, there is no question of altering


and reusing the soil. No such problem of disposal of the soil is to be faced in this process.

You can distinctly see the roots of the plants and notice their growth in the hydroponics cultivation procedure. Thus you can modulate the nutrients as per requirement in a more authentic way. Areas where there is scarcity of soil or no soil at all, do you think they should remain barren land?

With hydroponics even those areas can remain evergreen and full of natural beauty. The Polar Regions and space station can thus be covered with greenery by growing plants in this process.

No disease and fewer pesticides

As there is no soil involved in the whole culturing of the plants, thus soil-borne diseases have no opportunity to disturb their growth. The use of pesticides therefore is bare minimum and the growth of weeds and unwanted plants along with the main plant can be largely avoided.

Precisely these are the practical advantages of hydroponics. Moreover hydroponics is being excessively used in research purposes and in formulating additional benefits in crop growing.


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