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Diamonds, More Than Just A Girls Best Friend!
By jean-paul marchent
Diamonds have a wide variety of uses since they are the toughest substance to date on Earth. However, under normal circumstances they are not any good for conducting electricity unless they are of the rarer form type IIB. diamonds"); can however be used to conduct heat.

Diamonds are formed from carbon that is held deep in the Earth under great pressure and heat. The altered carbon is then forced up to the surface from the mantle in a uniqe form of magma called kimberlite which erupts from diatreme and pipe volcanic vents.

The strongly bonded electrons and the compact atoms cause the amazing reduction of the velocity of light through a diamonds"); mass which is what gives it the lustre which is what most people find appealing about a diamond.

It was first discovered to be carbon in 1796, and it took more than 150 years from that time until a method of diamond synthesis was invented.

Due to the toughness of a diamond, only a diamond can cut other diamonds. However, due to its tough nature, it has many industrial uses from cutting and polishing to grinding and is heavily used in the production of industrial rock drills. Although mainly used in the industrial sector, diamond is also a high-tech material that is beginning to be used more often in home electronics, appliances, and automobiles.

Diamonds are also one of the most popular stones used in jewellery. Jewellery made from diamond is deemed to be classic jewellery and is used from weddings, engagements, anniversaries, right down to celebrity award ceremonies.

Diamond jewellery is made using 18KT of gold because gold must have certain hardness for setting diamonds.

The romantic tradition of giving diamond rings as tokens of love and commitment


began in the 15th century when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring on their engagement. Since then Diamonds"); are always projected as symbols of love, joy and romance. In fact all diamond jewelry is generally treasured as a symbol of Everlasting Love and Perfection. diamonds"); are also a traditional and conspicuous signal of achievement, status and success.

Like gold, Diamonds"); are measured by the carat. However, unlike gold, there are 3 other deciding factors on how much a diamond is worth. These factors are color, clarity and cut.

There are often impurities in diamonds"); that cause them to have a hint of color rather than being clear. These diamonds"); are generally less expensive than a clear diamond, however, depending on their cut may still demand a reasonable price. Cutting colored diamonds"); requires that the diamond is cut to enhance the color. In the case of a clear diamond, it can be cut with a deep cut, shallow cut or perfect length. This is the only human contribution that helps determine the price of the diamond.

Since a diamond displays what is called an 'adamantine' lustre it cannot be continually polished as it will cause it to lose its properties.