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Diamonds Shopping In Melbourne, Australia
By nicole
Perfect Diamonds"); is a boutique located in the heart of Melbourne, specializing in the sale of diamonds"); and diamond jewellery.Not only do we offer magnificent products, but also with our combined experiences we at Perfect Diamonds, take pride in over 25 years of specializing in diamond manufacturing and the “art of diamonds”.

Importance of diamonds"); :

This style of cut has probably experienced the longest and most intensive history of development; it began as long ago as the first century B.C. and only in the 20th century did it mature in the form of a round brilliant cut. Most of the beauty of a cut diamond is in its amazing optical properties, particularly in the way it bends light, and its play of color. The round brilliant displays these properties in the cut state where all of the factors blend in optical harmony with one another to create the highest degree of brilliance.

Perfect Diamond's diamond manufacturing facility, is staffed by the finest diamond cutters and craftsmen in the world. These artisans dedicate themselves to the total process of manufacturing, from rough diamonds"); to the highly polished diamonds.This type of dedication ensures that you receive the highest quality diamonds"); designed to suit your individual needs. Perfect Diamond's inventory is stocked


with the current and traditional styles, ranging in all colors and clarity's to make sure you find that special something for the one you love. All stock is certified with a certificate from the worlds leading gemological laboratories guaranteeing you peace of mind. For insurance policies, we also provide to you valuations.
Once you have found your perfect diamond, we will then help you to create the perfect design for the setting of your choice.We, at Perfect Diamonds, will be with you through the entire process, to make sure that you have the exact jewellery that you want. Rest assured, that you will receive personal, professional and attentive service at all times.
In additional to offering fantastic and high quality diamonds"); at an unbeatable price, we also offer our customers the following services for peace of mind:
* Valuations
* Free Designs
* Cleaning and Polishing
* Valuations for insurance purposes
* Certificate of Authenticity
* Price savings
* Free gift box and packaging
As well as accepting Australian orders, we also welcome international orders.