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Wind Energy Systems For The Home
By Peter Lenkefi, Fri Dec 9th

Is it possible to power a home using wind energy?

In theory it is possible to become energy self-sufficientrelying on purely wind energy to power your home, but inpractise the situation is somewhat different. You may find thatunless you have a small house, a large patch of land andforgiving neighbors it is very unlikely that you will becomeself sufficient off the back of wind energy alone. Most houseswould take up to a dozen wind turbines to power their house butby combining wind energy with solar power you are greatlyincreasing your chances of becoming energy self sufficient.

Thereís no avoiding the fact that as a whole, people aredepleting the already limited stock of fossil fuels that areavailable to us and we have to act now before things get muchworse. By combining two wind turbines and full PV tiles on yourroof (itís really not that much more expensive than having yourroof tiled normally) you will undoubtedly be able to create enough energy to power your home and maybe have a little bit left over. Grid tie systems. Grid tie systems are a vital part of any energy self sufficient home; as well as having all the right equipment


to produce,generate and convert your power you should also ensure that youget a grid tie system. This enables you to sell back surpluspower to the grid. A grid tie system means that during thosetimes of year when you produce more energy that you need you cansell it back but it also means for the wintry times of year whenyou may not be producing enough solar power you can buy powerback from the grid. This means you are no longer a burden on thestock of fossil fuels.

Make a lot, use a little, make a little.

If youíre really lucky and live in an area with get high windand bright sunshine it might be the case that you will providemore energy over the space of a year than you actually use. Inthis case the energy you sell back to the grid will provide youwith a small profit. After the space of a few years you couldfind that your wind turbines and your solar panels have alreadypaid for themselves.


Wind turbines can make quite a noise and anything but the verysmallest will become an eye sore. You need to make sure thatyour neighbors donít mind the noise or the view and you may beebest trying to get them to do the same kind of thing.


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