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Wind Farms And Corruption
By Doctor Edward C Hamlyn MBChB, Fri Dec 9th

There is only one reason that Vespa wind turbines will be built in the West Country.

Our Press has failed to tell its readers of the corruption which stares us in the face, but is not seen as such. For example; The target to be met is to produce 10% of our electricity from renewable sources under the Kyoto Protocol. That has nothing todo with significantly reducing green house gas emissions by 2010,which the Government are permitting British industry to increase by 7.5% over the next three years.

The Rt. Hon. Mike O’Brien claims that economic expansion at a time of growth is far more important than bothering about CO2 emissions. Mr. O’ Brien’s sole concern is to increase by 10%,the amount of electricity produced by renewable energy, in the form of wind farms. The fact that the creation and erection of the requisite number of Vespa wind turbines will involve the emission of far more CO2 than the wind farms will ever reduce, is dismissed as being irrelevant. Such twisted logic is just pure corruption - Butn ever mentioned by the Press. Nor is the vast financial


gains to be made by seducing us into accepting these wind farms in our back yard. They will cost a lot of money and huge profits will be made. But unseen and unthought of, is the question; “Where will all the vast quantity of new money come from?”

Britain as a nation, public and private, is hopelessly in debt,and those debts get bigger and bigger as we borrow more new money to pay the interest. This creates a dire shortage of money. The money to build all the Vespa wind turbines does not exist and new money will be borrowed into existence to foot the bill.Those who create vast fortunes for themselves by selling credit as money, will have an irresistible motivation to bribe Mike into twisting logic.

The Press has a proud duty to understand all this and make sureall its readers share that understanding.

The result can then be that the correct and easy way to prevent global warming can be made known. It will not involve corruption.

About the author:Dr Hamlyn is a founding member of the Royal College of GeneralPractitioners, a veteran of WW II, retired farmer and practicing medical doctor. He is a prolific and articulate voice on the subject of monetary reform.



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