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Raccoon clinging to bricks six stories up a
Burlington, Iowa, apartment building, a masked burglar is finally
collared by the authorities

Raccoon Cartoons

Raccoons are so cute and are the subject of many cartoons, movies and even as stuffed animals. Few people realize the damage that they can do to your home as well as impact your health should they get into your attic.

Consumers with cottages must contend with raccoons and other animals getting into their vacation spots while they are away all of the time. There are even raccoon cartoons about some of these episodes.

This site focuses on the damage that raccoons can do, some of the safety issues and most important the best way to get rid of them, should they find their way into the attic of you home. Other sites may have information about raccoon cartoons, however we felt it was more important to focus on the humane ways of getting rid of raccoons safely and at relatively low cost before they do a lot of damage.

Many communities have bylaws in place that require live traps to be used and trapped raccoons should be released no more than 2 or 3 blocks from were they were released. This is absolutely useless, since these same raccoons will travel back to your house within days, sometimes the next night. In fact most raccoon families will have up to 5 dens in a neighborhood and will move from one to the other. The odor of a den attracts them and they can tell if the den is occupied or not. So any released raccoon will return to your house or others will just move in to the unoccupied den unless you take proper steps to prevent the raccoons from returning.

The damage raccoons can cause is immense if not dealt with properly and in a timely manner. Raccoons have been known to tear a roof a part to get to their young when the entranced has been blocked. Many people recommend installing a one way trap door that allows the raccoons out but not back in. However you should only install one of these devices once the young babies are old enough to follow their parents out the trap door. We cannot stress this point enough. Worst case is that the adult raccoons will tear your roof apart to get to their young causing a lot of damage, while the best case is that the young babies will die in your attic causing a foul smell in your attic which will migrate through your house.

Wait until they can travel then install the one way trap door so that they all leave. Once you are sure they are out, then replace the trap door with strong wire mesh that they cannot remove to prevent re-entry. In addition, block all other possible entries with this same mesh to avoid a new entrance for the raccoons.

Once the raccoons have left, you will need to repair the damage they have caused in your attic and to your roof. Precaution should be taken to avoid breathing any dust from dried feces into your lungs. This can cause various organ damage and even death from the microbes that are in the feces or raccoon scat. Use a mask and dispose of all insulation etc properly. If the raccoons have been in your attic for sometime, you will need to hire a company that specializes in dealing with potentially infected material from raccoon scat.


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