Bylaws Regarding Raccoons

Raccoon clinging to bricks six stories up a
Burlington, Iowa, apartment building, a masked burglar is finally
collared by the authorities

We have had raccoons in our attic for 6 months this spring until I was able to trap the young raccoons and take them into the country. If you would like to hear more about this experience as well as about raccoons, go to our main index page. Also check local Bylaws Regarding Raccoons in your area to ensure that you do not break the law by mistake.

Can you believe that the Bylaws Regarding Raccoons in our area actually say that if you trap a raccoon, you have to release them within two blocks of your home! While this sounds ridiculous and it is, there is actually a good reason for this approach. You have to know something about raccoons to help you appreciate this bylaw. It actually does not matter if you drop them off 2 blocks away or 100 miles away. You will have another family of raccoons move in to the old den before you know it, hence why bother dropping them so far away. At least this is the logic of the city were we live .


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In many urban areas there are 20 families of raccoons per square mile. They each will have 4 to 5 dens. And they like to move around. They are able to distinguish between a den that is in use vs. one that is not and move right in. So even if you take your trapped raccoons 100 miles away, another family will move in shortly and take up their new home much to your annoyance. The Bylaws Regarding Raccoons was enacted to get people to focus on deterring them from coming into your attic etc. in the first place. So first make sure that they are out of the den, including any young ones, place strong wire mesh securely fastened to the entrance so they cannot get back in and then complete repairs. There is also a chemical spray that can be used to deodorize and remove the scent of the raccoons which attracts them in the first place.

If the babies are still inside your attic and not old enough to travel, you may as well wait until they are old enough to travel on their own. When they are install a one way trap door so that they can all get out, but not back into your attic. When you are sure they are all out, remove the trap door and install heavy gauge wire mesh over the opening. be sure to seal the nail or screw holes with caulking to prevent leaks. if you do not take this approach, the parents will literally take your roof apart to rescue their young pups, which causes even more damage and frustration.

Do not go into the attic without protection. Breathing the small particles created by the feces, can cause sickness and even death. Hire professionals to remove the insulation and repair all damage. So much for Bylaws Regarding Raccoons that restrict you from taking them more than two miles away. It actually makes sense.


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