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Raccoon clinging to bricks six stories up a
Burlington, Iowa, apartment building, a masked burglar is finally
collared by the authorities

There are several types of raccoon poison that can be used to kill raccoons, however we have to say right at the beginning of this article that it really is not the right way to deal with the problem. There are several reasons for not using raccoon poison and this is not because we believ ein animal rights etc. There are practical issues for not using raccoon poison inan urban setting.

A few facts will help you understand. Most raccoons have 4 or 5 dens and they can tell when a den is occupied or not by a family of raccoons. Next there are 4 to 5 families of raccoons per square mile in most cities and some times many more than that especially if there is lots of food for them. Next you risk the poisoning of pets and other animals when you use raccoon poison to try and kill raccoons.

If this was not enough you have to then dispose of the bodies of the raccoons and the neighbors pets that you killed with the raccoon poison. You also do not want to risk having a dead raccoon in a hard to get at place in your attic. The smell can be bad and it can be dangerous to your health as well.

The best approach is a deterrent approach instead of using raccoon poison. Make sure you eliminate all food sources around your home. This is imperative. You want to make it not attractive to be around your home and you want to also ensure that there are no entrances for your raccoons to enter your attic.


. Once you are sure that there are no raccoons in your attic, take strong gauge chicken wire and screw nail it into the roof blocking all potential entrances to your attic. If there are raccoons in your attic, you will have to install a one way door so that they can get out, but not back in. Once you are sure they are out of your attic, you can replace the one way door with permanent wire mesh so there is not way for them to re-enter. This is the best way to get rid of raccoons.

A work of caution, check to see if they have any young raccoons in the den in your attic. If they do it is best to wait until they are old enough to leave on their own. Using raccoon poison will kill the parents, but let the young raccoons die in your attic, a horrible death, and they will smell up your home as well. If you block the parents from entering the den, they will literally tear your roof apart trying to get back to their young babies, so wait till the young ones are old enough to travel, then install the one way door etc. Good luck and try not to use raccoon poison.


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