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Raccoon clinging to bricks six stories up a
Burlington, Iowa, apartment building, a masked burglar is finally
collared by the authorities

Raccoon Clipart

This site is not about raccoon clipart, instead we are discussing the problems caused by raccoons making their home in your attic or garage.

Most people do not realize that there are 20 to 30 families of raccoons per square mile in the city. This is often more dense than in the wild. The primary reason is that there is much more food and shelter for raccoons in the city than there is in rural areas.

Raccoons will make their home or den in your attic, by climbing a tree close to your house or climbing up the brick face of your house to get to the roof. Once on the roof they will push the eave up and crawl into the attic of your home. They are then free to rome around the attic, burrowing into the insulation to keep warm in winter months while they raise their young raccoon babies in the safety and warmth of your attic.

This can be a major problem for many home owners. Odor, damage to the soffits, damage to your insulation and even noise from the raccoons can cause all kinds of problems. If you block the entrance the parents will tear your roof apart to get their young. Once the young are born, you pretty much have to wait until they are large enough to travel before you can trap them or install a one way trap door at the entrance to their den.

The one way trap door is an excellent way to get rid of the raccoons without them doing further damage to your home. They can get out, but not back in, especially if you use strong coarse gauge chicken wire. Raccoons can tell if a den is occupied or not just by the odor. Blocking the entrance will avoid new families of raccoons from taking up residence in your attic.

Some companies may tell you that they will trap the raccoons and release them several block away from your house. If these raccoons do not find their way back to your house, certainly a new family will move in. Forget about trapping and removal. Do the right job the first time.

Also if you are planning to clean up your attic, be very careful of the feces.
The contain bacteria which can cause serious problems in humans just from breathing the dried out dust from raccoon scat or feces. Were a good breathing mask before yo go into the attic.

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