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The Politics Of Distraction
By Gregory Franklyn
July 17, 2008 by Gregory Franklyn

I'm fascinated by good magicians. I know a few of the tricks they use, but even so, I'm always entertained by how they are able to bend my mind and show me things that are clearly not possible. One of the most powerful tools in a magician's arsenal is "Distraction".

A good magician will keep your eyes and your mind busy on the surface while the reality of what makes magic work is actually taking place beneath the surface. I know it's happening and I even know how a few of the tricks are done and it's still truly an enjoyment to watch my mind and my eyes be played with by a real pro.

We're going to see a lot of that sort of thing happening in the months leading up to the Presidential Election we all hope will be happening in November. Barrack Obama refers to it as the Politics of Distraction and it has already begun. Here's the latest trick we're being entertained with right now. The cover of "The New Yorker Magazine"!

It depicts Barrack and Michelle Obama in the oval office. She's wearing a 60s Black Militant outfit complete with an Angela Davis Afro and a machine gun while Barrack is dressed up as a radical Muslim Terrorist with a turban and sandals. An American flag burns in the fireplace and above it on the mantle is a portrait of Osama Ben Laden. They are giving one another a fist bump, commonly referred to as "Dap". Of course, FOX News refers to it as a "Terrorist Handshake" in yet another display in the cornucopia of reasons why no one with more than two brain cells takes them seriously.

When I saw it I didn't think a whole lot about it. It was clearly satire meant to poke fun at folks whose only connection to current events is a slender thread stretched across


a playroom full of children running with scissors. The kind of people who saw the "Dress Code: Three Tooth Minimum" sign on the wall at my local watering hole and didn't think it was funny. In other words, FOX News Viewers!

While your mind and your eyes are busy with this distraction here's what was going on under the surface. It's a Foreign Policy Treatise the likes of which I have never seen. It shows a clear path back to the world leadership position our country abandoned a few decades ago. Something we have all wanted for a very long time. And Barrack spells it out in succinct clarity that I had no trouble understanding. It's 36 minutes long and I'm asking you to trust me on this; It will be worth every minute of your time! Here's the link:

While CNN and FOX are calling in experts to discuss, ad nauseum, the implications of a cartoon, Barrack Obama is laying out a philosophy for our new role in the world as a partner in a REAL coalition that has a credible chance of keeping the entire planet safe from terrorism and, very possibly, nuclear weapons, all in the same five strategy planks.

This guy is on to something really big here and while he's trying to tell us about it, we're watching a bunch of political pundits obsess about whether free speech is such a good thing or not just because The New Yorker is trying to make a point about people who aren't paying attention! This cartoon and the swirl of hype around it has made one of the most important Foreign Policy Statements in my lifetime virtually disappear!

Welcome to the world of Magic!

Much Love,

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