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Consolidate Bills And Turn Around Your Mounting Debt
By Thomas Erikson
Did you know that you can consolidate bills to gain control of your financial affairs? If you are feeling overwhelmed by mounting debt and the high cost of servicing it, debt consolidation may well be your key to freedom.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul can end up being a lifestyle when we are drowning in debt, yet simple strategies such as debt consolidation can reverse the downward spiral and turn around our lives. When people consolidate bills into loans with lower interest rates than they are paying on their various credit cards and other loans, they are usually able to reduce their overall monthly payments and free up more of their income to meet personal and family needs as well as pay down debt.

If you are looking to consolidate bills in order to improve your financial affairs, there are a some important factors you need to consider. First, when you consolidate bills it is important to look for the lowest possible interest rate and lowest fees. After all, the whole point of debt consolidation is to relieve the financial squeeze caused by multiple credit payments and help you more forward in life in a positive, proactive manner.

The first step when you consolidate bills is to be very clear about your purpose. Is your intention to remove the stranglehold of debt from your cash flow so you can improve your lifestyle? Or is it to be able to use the monthly savings to get out of debt quickly? Either way, debt consolidation is likely to put a lid on increasing debt. It is very easy to fall into the trap of using credit cards when we have insufficient money to pay our bills and buy needed items without even getting into the problem of spending on unnecessary products and services.

Home Equity loans generally offer the lowest interest rates if you are a homeowner with enough equity to consolidate bills. However, if you know that large expenses, such as college tuition, are coming up in the near future you may be better off with a Home Equity Line of Credit. This will allow you to reduce monthly repayments because of the lower interest rate while still allowing you to organize a line of credit that can be used when necessary. Discipline is necessary in order to avoid getting overwhelmed by debt again, but if you have the commitment and discipline necessary to only use what


you have to, a home equity line of credit can be a flexible way to turn around a trend toward rising debt as well as leave a margin for borrowing for important upcoming reasons.

Personal loans do not offer interest rates as low as home equity loans and lines of credit. However, they are often the loans of choice when people decide to consolidate bills. This is usually because most do not require collateral and provided you have the ability to pay and a good credit history, they are not difficult to obtain. Having said that, the interest rate on loans will increase with the perceived risk attached to the borrower. In other words, if you have had a poor credit history in the past, you may still get a loan, but the interest rate will be higher.

Although it is becoming increasingly common to consolidate bills using a low rate credit card, it is probably not a good idea to do so if your purpose is to turn around your mounting debt. A credit card can be flexible and a low rate card with reasonable annual fees will likely cost you a lot less than you are paying now if you are juggling multiple card payments. However, you know what those card companies are like! They will increase your limit and if you are like most people, you will spend up to it. Do you want to take that risk?

These are just a few options available to consolidate bills in order to restructure your finances. There are even more. Take the time to research the products available and before you commit to consolidate bills using any particular product, make sure you read the fine print of the contract.

Debt consolidation has the power to transform your life financially, but only if you consolidate bills wisely. Seeking professional advice before making a decision can save you years of pain


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