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QuoteCar car insurance is a relatively new online insurance division of Allen & Allen group, a brokerage company that dates back to 1968. They have been selling car insurance to young drivers initially and them moving into the more traditional car insurance market and broadening their appeal to a wider market. QuoteA is their initial foray into the online market. They also have developed good relationships with many of the large insurers in the UK and are able to offer their customers cheap car insurance as a result. They have negotiated premiums that are among the most competitive in the UK with well over 80,000 policies now in place.


Customers can apply for a car insurance quote online or call and speak to one of their agents to discuss their insurance needs and answer any questions that you may have. Quotes are free and they do not involve any obligation on your part.

Not many car insurance companies provide advice about how to keep your car insurance down, however Quote A has a large section on their web site that does just that covering off many areas that will help you reduce the cost of your insurance. They also provide a quick reference guide that covers off some of the major definitions of UK car insurance and what the words mean to you. Terms and conditions are explained and it is a good idea for customers to read this area as well to ensure that you are fully informed regarding your car insurance.

Once you are ready you can begin the application for car insurance and when you are finished you can save it for later retrieval to work on it later or make changes to the application. Some changes may cause the premiums to also change.


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