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Prudential plc is an international company offering financial and insurance services in many parts of the world. Customers can enhance their well being as well as dependents by assisting then to increase their wealth and also through protection services. They are focused on developing and building profitable businesses in the most attractive markets and increase shareholder returns.


The Prudential UK and European Insurance operation provides many financial products, pensions, bonds, savings investments and protection products. Products are delivered through telephone, Internet and mail as well as direct to customers.

Egg plc is a division of the Prudential UK group and provides a number of insurance products including car insurance for UK drivers. They provide a full range of car insurance coverage as well as additional services and benefits that may be useful to the UK driver. UK drivers may purchase 3 rd party liability, third party fire and theft and full comprehensive as well as optional coverage such as breakdown cover and windscreen cover. Visit the Prudential plc site and select Egg plc for car insurance coverage in the UK.

Egg’s web site makes available a great deal information in their FAQ (frequently asked questions) section and details concerning the coverage and benefits of motor car insurance coverage with Egg car insurance. Benefits and / or optional services include no claims discounts for customers with no claims in the past few years, immediate cover, courtesy car, breakdown cover, windscreen replacement hotline, claims made easy, and hassle free service.

UK drivers can fill in an application online and receive their quote also online for car insurance. Once a customer obtains car insurance quote, customers can print the car insurance quote and / or save the quote for later retrieval and decision regarding your car insurance. All drivers should remember that if they change the requirements associated with a previous quote the quoted premium might change to reflect the new coverage.


Prudential plc
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