NFU Mutual Car Insurance

NFU Mutual Car Insurance  offers their services to rural UK drivers and owners. Their car insurance is specifically designed for consumers who live in the country and do most of their business and driving in the country. As a result their car insurance covers they offer and the premiums they charge, reflect the needs and the driving records of country living vs. the driving records of city drivers. This usually means either more coverage options, more coverage or lower premiums depending on what coverage you need for your motor insurance.


As an example NFU Mutual Car Insurance  offers to replace your new car if it is stolen within two years of being purchased with the same make and model if available. Personal affects are covered for up to £250 and they offer access to roadside assistance if you breakdown. Customers can purchase a pay as you use it service or pay for a full subscription for roadside assistance. Most import is that they stress that they have a local office near you to assist you with any car insurance or motor insurance questions and needs that you may have.

If you decide to purchase car insurance from NFU Mutual Car Insurance  you can call one of their local offices or you can call 0800 316 4661 which will connect you to their call center for any of your car insurance questions or to purchase motor insurance. Please note that their call center operates in the following hours : 8am - 8pm weekdays, 9am - 12.30pm Saturday.

NFU Mutual Car Insurance  has been in business for over 90 years and have approximately 309 local offices based in rural towns and villages throughout the UK. The full name of the company is The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited. ("NFU Mutual")


Tiddington Road,


Warwickshire, CV37 7BJ

Contact Number: 0800 316 4661

(8am - 8pm weekdays, 9am - 12.30pm Saturday)






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