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Nationwide Car Insurance  provides car insurance through Churchill Insurance Company Limited. With the agreement that Nationwide has with Churchill, they offer a number of benefits and incentives to purchase car insurance from Nationwide. Customers can receive a 5% discount when the apply online for car insurance with Nationwide.


One of the benefits with Nationwide Car Insurance  is that once you purchase from them, they will refund the difference if you are able to find a better quote from another supplier. There are some rules associated with this promise so you may want to review these requirements. Other benefits include up to a 65% discount for customers with no claims over a specified period, a replacement car if yours needs to be repaired, cover for driving in Europe, Green Flag breakdown cover, legal assistance, 24 hour emergency assistance across their range of helplines and a nationwide network of repair companies that provide fast and professional repairs.

Nationwide Car Insurance  provides a table outlining the features and benefits of their car insurance cover when you purchase comprehensive car insurance vs. only third party fire and theft. You will want to review this page to see if their benefits match with the services and the features you are looking for. Nationwide Car Insurance  include such items as hotel expenses, medical expenses, fixed car telephones and many more items that consumers may be interested in.

Nationwide Car Insurance  also offer breakdown cover through Green Flag. Customers can arrange for monthly payment through debit or credit payments and there are a variety of help lines that you may be interested in depending on the type of car insurance cover you need based on your driving habits.

Nationwide Car Insurance  offers a variety of services including banking, credit cards, investments, loans, mortgages, pensions and savings products in addition to car insurance for UK drivers. Readers should note that there is a separate process for drivers in Northern Ireland.

Nationwide Car Insurance  has mutual (as opposed to Public Limited Company) status, which means that we are owned by and run for the benefit of our members. Nationwide Car Insurance  has been in business for 150 years and a great deal of expertise and experience at being a building society, looking after the interests of our members.


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Nationwide is a registered trademark of Nationwide Building Society. Nationwide Building Society, Nationwide Life Limited and Nationwide Unit Trust Managers Limited represent only the Nationwide Marketing Group which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for life assurance, pensions, unit trusts, insurance and regulated mortgages. They are entered in the Financial Services Authority's Register and their Register Numbers are 106078, 177850 and 177793.

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