MMA Car Insurance

MMA car insurance has a wide range of covers for the private motorist available, with low prices for second cars and accident free motorists or no claims motorists.

Standard motor, Master motorist, Value 100, Prime 100, and MMA Motor+ Breakdown are some of their car insurance packages that are available. Customers can also pay using their Instalment premium facilities.


MMA car insurance does not sell to the general public. Customers who are interested in purchasing car insurance from MMA must purchase car insurance from MMA through a broker or an intermediary. MMA car insurance wants to ensure that their customers receive local service and independent advice when they are buying car insurance. If you would like details of the most appropriate intermediary for your insurance requirements, you can contact MMA by telephone, email or post. MMA car insurance will send you the required information and take into account your location as well as the type of car insurance policy you are interested in requesting a quote for.

If you happen to be a broker and wish to begin selling MMA car insurance as part of your portfolio, MMA car insurance provides the contact information on their web site for you to find out additional information and what is involved in becoming a broker who is able to sell MMA car insurance.

All policies include our Motor Care Line approved repairer scheme; giving 24 hour accident reporting, free courtesy cars during repairs and a guaranteed standard of workmanship.

MMA is a major European insurance group, which was formed over 170 years ago. They had over 3 billion in income during 2003 and their gross worldwide assets totalled 17.5 billion in 2003.

MMA Insurance plc is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. MMA Insurance plc is also a member of the Association of British Insurers and the Financial Ombudsman Service. They are registered in England 613259.


MMA Insurance plc
Norman Place
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Contact Number: 0118 955 2222




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